Should You Give Up Sex for a Sock Subscription?


There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who love cute socks, and those who don’t care about cute socks at all. If you’re in the former group, then you’ve probably already subscribed to one or more sock subscriptions, from Stance and Sock Fancy to Bombas and others. If you’re in the latter group, then you might think that cute socks are overrated—after all, what’s so special about them? Maybe nothing, maybe everything—but whether it’s all worth it or not depends on your point of view.


What is a sock subscription service?

A sock subscription service is a monthly service where you get a package of socks delivered to your doorstep each month. There are two types of subscriptions: one with just regular socks and the other with dress socks, crew socks, and ankle socks. With this type of subscription, you get five pairs of dress or crew socks and one pair of ankle socks in each shipment. The cool thing about these subscriptions is that they are specially curated based on your preferences, so there's something new to look forward to every month!


Do I need it?

Looking to spice up your wardrobe and add some color to your life? Consider giving up sex and getting addicted to fun socks. Why not get an awesome sock subscription instead? What's better than new socks every month that are guaranteed to be fun, colorful, and comfortable - especially if you want the best sock of the month club where you can't pick the style and they send one out each month at random. I personally love crazy color dress socks because they're so different from what you would typically see in stores. The best part is that there are many different styles of cool socks for men too so everyone can have their own tastes satisfied with something new each time. So why not give up sex for a sock subscription this year!


How would it benefit me, if I do decide to become obsessed with socks more than anything else?

There are many benefits to putting all of your time and effort into cute socks. Firstly, you will become more confident as you walk around with your colorful socks on. Secondly, these socks will make it easy to find your things because they're so bright. And lastly, this will bring joy to others who may feel bored looking at the same clothes every day!