Sharpest Philosockphy Socks Yet from our socks club

Sharpest Philosockphy Socks Yet from our socks club

Your sock drawer’s about to get a lot more interesting. Here’s why these socks are the coolest we’ve ever seen in our sock of the month Club.

(1) The Basics

The socks subscriptions by Socc— a 4-month, 6-month or 1-year sock of the month club for men and women, who are always looking for cool socks. We deliver men's socks and women's socks to your door every month. Each sock is made from an ultra fine combed cotton that is not only soft and comfortable but also warm, hardwearing, breathable and fast drying. On top of being socially responsible, we give a pair of brand new pairs of socks to children in need for every subscription purchase! It makes us happy to do what we do – so you can be happy wearing them 🙂

(2) Men's Socks

For guys who love black and grey, but still want to look sharp, our Men's Sharpest philosophy socks are for you. These Black and Grey socks feature a cool geometric design that compliments any of your favorite outfits! They are also perfectly paired with jeans, or under boots in the fall and winter. You'll feel so cool wearing these that you'll forget about all your worries for awhile. If you have any questions about these socks please let us know we'd be happy to help. (You can check out all our available monthly sock subscriptions by clicking here)

(3) Women's Socks

We are pretty excited about these sock subscription reviews. At Philosock, we know how much you like socks. So, we’ve added a review of women’s sock subscriptions for your reading pleasure. Let us know if you are interested in some men’s socks subscription reviews! Spoiler alert: We love them too! Subscribe to a monthly sock club and get cool socks mailed directly to your door without having to leave your home or make an effort to find cool socks in a store. You can even arrange it so that all pairs match and coordinate with your clothing choices for each month. Check out our favorite sock subscriptions below!

(4) Our Club

We love making socks, so we’ve decided to spread our passion to others by launching a sock of the month club! We plan on running socks of the month clubs twice a year (one in Spring and one in Fall). Each box will contain 2 pairs of socks and other bonus goodies. These sock subscriptions are limited, but we’ll run them until everyone has had their chance at owning a pair. All you have to do is sign up below and you'll be entered into a lottery to receive one! We'll be announcing winners February 5th & March 1st. Winners will receive an email with instructions on how to buy your subscription at that time. Make sure you check your emails, we don't want anyone missing out!

(5) About Us

We don’t just like cool socks, we live for them. That's why we built Men with cool socks (MCS) to help connect you with other guys who are serious about their sock game. Our members have gone sock-to-sock and found there are many different styles of men out there (no pun intended). Men with cool socks also helps to build a community based on true style, culture and attitude. As an added bonus, our sock of the month club makes sure that your feet stay super comfortable all year long. Read more on our About Us page, or take a look at some photos in our photo gallery . You can also check out some select stores that carry our socks . So what are you waiting for?