Sharpest Philosockphy Socks Yet from our socks club

Sharpest Philosockphy Socks Yet from our socks club

Your sock drawer’s about to get a lot more interesting. Here’s why these socks are the coolest we’ve ever seen in our sock of the month Club.

Sharpest Addition to the Club

Let’s be honest, it’s socks and philosophy. What could be better? Each month, we add a unique sock to our memberships. It’s like a sock of the month club for those who appreciate both socks and philosophy. No more wearing those same old boring socks! (I swear I will keep my words short).

What Are Clubs?

Our clubs are a fantastic way to discover new socks on a regular basis. The best part is, you’ll get fresh, cool socks shipped directly to your door each month! Club members also receive 20% off all other orders. It’s like an online sock of the month club for you and your whole family (you can set up shipments for each member)! Whether you need dress socks for work or colorful ankle socks for lounging around, there’s always something new to love with 5th & Union's unique sock subscriptions. We have classics as well as trend-driven designs—the only thing that changes is what we send out next!

A Look at May’s 5 New Socks Designs

Wow. These are some cool socks. Each month, we design five new socks for members of The Sharpest Think Tank Society. This is May’s second set and each one gives us a greater appreciation for what an awesome job our designer does for us. It’s amazing how many ways you can express yourself with just some thread, fabric, and a stitch or two. But that’s exactly what goes into every pair of new socks! So far, we have 26 different sock designs – including seven solids - so there are plenty of options to go around if you want to mix things up every once in a while.

Join the Club Now

If you love wearing new socks and discovering unique designs, joining our socks of the month club is for you. We send you cool socks every month to add a little bit of fun to your life. And we design them just for subscribers, so no one else will be wearing them. Getting your own subscription is a great way to show your support—you help us out by supporting small business, and we get to keep doing what we do!

Next Month’s Unannounced Subscription

Every month, you’ll get another amazing pair of socks delivered to your door. We only send cool and comfortable socks to members of our sock subscription service because we take comfort seriously. (Just kidding—but you probably will be quite comfy.)

Extended Benefits

Getting a subscription box for men is like getting a box of cool socks every month. But that’s just one aspect of what we have to offer: look at it like you’re getting several products in a single delivery. In addition to your cool new box, you get extended benefits. At Sharp Club, these include exclusive discounts and additional gifts. Because we wanted to make sure our philosophy isn’t just on your feet but also in your hands—and because we know how often people reach for a pen before they do anything else—we sent subscribers customized Sharpies and swag bags full of promotional material. We even made some sharp pens shaped like sock-shaped cutouts...because sometimes life calls for an exclamation point!