Seven Reasons You Should Give a Sock of the Month Subscription

Seven Reasons You Should Give a sock of the month Subscription

Do you know someone who loves socks? Do you want to get them the perfect gift this holiday season? A sock of the month subscription from Philosockphy is an original, fun, and thoughtful gift that will be sure to put a smile on their face. Check out these seven reasons you should get your favorite person in your life a sock of the month subscription this year!

Perfectly Priced Gifts

Everyone has socks in their drawer and sometimes it’s hard to find something new to buy your loved ones. One way to solve that problem is to give them socks every month instead! With sock of the month club subscriptions, they get an exciting new pair of socks each month delivered right to their door and you don’t have to worry about finding something amazing and unique. Plus, it’s a fun way for them (and you) to discover lots of interesting designs. Whether you know your friend likes sports or art or history, there are tons of subscription boxes out there that can help you send something unique and cool with just one click!

Relaxes Them During Time When They Are Busy

For busy people, receiving a subscription can be relaxing because it means they don’t have to go out and buy anything. If you are giving someone socks as a gift and want them to really feel good about their purchase, make sure that you aren’t going to force them into doing something they would rather not do. Instead, encourage them with an affordable gift that will make their life easier. There is nothing worse than having to think about gifts for other people all year round; if you buy someone subscription plans like a sock of the month club, they will always have something great to look forward to. They might even forget what day it is!

Encourages Better Hygiene

Did you know that wearing socks for more than two days in a row is a leading cause of athlete's foot? Wearing clean socks every day can drastically reduce your chances of getting smelly feet. Not only do fresh socks smell great, but they also keep your feet from getting too sweaty. A sock subscription encourages better hygiene while simultaneously increasing our feelings self-worth. Self-confidence is important to us all, and who doesn't want their partner to think they're super awesome (even if it's because their feet don't stink)?

Is A Great Conversation Starter

A sock subscription is also something that's great to talk about, making it an interesting gift to give. The sock of the month Club has been featured in publications like Details Magazine, where founder Laura Mitchell was interviewed about her subscription service and its use as a fun Valentine's Day gift idea. To be included in such esteemed company says a lot. It's not only creative but also one that truly gives back since 10% of all proceeds are donated to cancer research and prevention. Anyone who doesn't get these gifts because they're saving them for someone else will definitely be interested in what they've been missing out on and those who have gotten them before will definitely enjoy getting another pair—and gifting it to their friends so they can spread around their love for socks!

Gets Their Creative Juices Flowing

How many different socks do you own? Chances are, if you’re like most people, your drawer contains all manner of socks. Some may be dressy. Others for sport. There might even be some for sleeping. But how often does anyone get excited about receiving new socks for their birthday or holidays? If you’re trying to give someone an original gift, buying them something they already have is probably not going to earn you any points with them. So what do you do? Well, buying someone a sock subscription might be just what you need!

Provides Them With Something Exciting To Look Forward To

Giving someone a subscription for socks gives them something to look forward to every month. It’s like Christmas, except you never know what’s going to be under that tree or inside that package. Plus, sock subscriptions give men and women something they need without ever having to worry about spending too much money on things they don’t want. So if you’re shopping for your boyfriend or husband who is always hard to buy for because he has everything he needs, try giving him an opportunity to spice up his life with some new socks each month.

Makes For An Entertaining YouTube Channel

Aside from being, well, many sock-related YouTube channels can you think of? If you're like most people, probably not very many. This is an opportunity to give a gift that your recipient will enjoy and likely use regularly. The monthly gift idea makes it fun as well - it’s exciting knowing that each month there’s going to be something new and different coming in the mail. Even if they are basic white athletic socks, they can still make for good viewing on YouTube! What types of topics would you cover on your channel? How often would you upload videos? Where would you post them online?