Seven Reasons You Should Give a Sock of the Month Subscription

Seven Reasons You Should Give a sock of the month Subscription

Do you know someone who loves socks? Do you want to get them the perfect gift this holiday season? A sock of the month subscription from Philosockphy is an original, fun, and thoughtful gift that will be sure to put a smile on their face. Check out these seven reasons you should get your favorite person in your life a sock of the month subscription this year!

Why you should give socks

Many people think giving socks is boring, but that is because they haven’t given or received the right kind of socks. A pair of high-quality socks can make you feel happy, confident and relaxed, just like how wearing an awesome outfit makes you feel. Yet even if we love our clothes, no one ever thinks about keeping them in tip-top shape by washing them after every wear. The result: Your clothes begin to lose their shape and design over time, which leads to frustration since your favorite tops don’t look as good on you anymore. High-quality sock subscriptions solve all these problems by delivering freshly laundered pairs each month so that you always have fresh socks that look great—no matter what outfit you wear!

What makes Philosockphy's sock subscription so special

Every month, you'll get high-quality socks. The best part is that you won't have to think about it—every month will be exciting, because every month we'll send you something new and different. Every sock in our gift box has been picked with care, crafted by experts. Of course there are gifts that are better than socks, but not all gifts can take your fashion game to an entirely new level: socks subscriptions are truly one-of-kind. Get your sock on with Philosockphy's sock subscription today! We're looking forward to rocking some fresh threads with you!

What do they look like?

Since they're unique designs, you'll be able to easily spot your socks each month. The holiday-themed socks in December, for example, will stand out from all your other everyday pairs. Plus, you never have to worry about losing one sock again--just wear all three and you'll always know where it is! Philosophically speaking, being a sock-of-the-month subscriber also shows that you truly care about people and value their time (and feet). By remembering to gift your loved ones something that makes them smile each month, their day will undoubtedly get off to a good start. Oh yeah--and we guarantee our packaging will make them smile too!

How are they made?

Philosockphy socks are 100% combed cotton and are made in the USA. They're durable, comfortable, and wash well. And they have printing on both sides! What more could you ask for in your socks? Besides, who doesn't love socks? When it comes to most people's tastes, socks just might be one thing that's acceptable to wear on any given day (including formal). A subscription service like Philosockphy makes sure you'll never run out of awesome socks - perfect for anyone with a great sense of humor! And if you know someone who has graduated from college or is no longer attending (perhaps their studies took them abroad?), a sock subscription is still ideal.

2 Delivery Process

If you have socks picked out, you’ll still have to wait for them to be delivered. Some subscription services do not offer in-store pickup or shipping, and may require you to schedule home delivery. This can reduce your excitement when opening your package if it arrives during Do Not Disturb hours. But most subscription services come with custom packaging, so if yours arrives at a bad time—so what? The sock itself is often half of what makes an SOCK-of-the-month Club fun! A themed gift box, along with an insert describing what made that month’s picks special, are often just as entertaining as your new socks themselves.

What if I don't like them?

Not only will your socks be awesome, but with most sock of the month subscriptions you're also able to choose any color and pattern combinations. A gift that can give so much choice is one that can be enjoyed by men and women alike. Plus, some sock companies even offer returns if you're not satisfied. So what are you waiting for? With these many benefits to giving a sock subscription, it seems like a no-brainer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sock-of-the-month clubs are popular gifts for men and women. While you might assume it’s because people don’t like socks, that’s not quite true. While they are trendy, functional and fun socks, what makes them so great is that they take care of gifting headaches: no more going to stores looking for socks (especially if you’re shopping for several people), no worries about size or color matches and more. Additionally, each month brings a new set of exclusive sock designs (in both knit and crochet styles) with new designs on rotation every other month. Below are seven reasons why you should give someone socks every month

Is this subscription only available in the US?

Unfortunately, at present our sock-of-the-month subscriptions are only available to residents in the United States. We will be making them available in other regions as soon as possible. Stay tuned! In addition, we have international customers who have used their credit cards and PayPal to purchase our monthly subscription without any problems whatsoever. The most important thing is that your credit card company supports international shipping. Even if they don't advertise it, they'll most likely ship internationally -- there's no point in giving a card that can't be used abroad! Please bear with us while we work on our international shipping capabilities...we're working hard to make it happen ASAP!

Where can I buy your socks?

We sell socks for men and women at our e-commerce store. Take a look to see if we ship to your location, or email us! There's also an option to make sock orders From Account in most places. If you can't find it, let us know! We'll have everything on our site linked directly to shopping carts where customers can purchase what they want with one click.