Searching for a Sock of the Month Club

Searching for a sock of the month Club

What’s the best sock of the month club? That’s the question I was facing when I first looked into getting one. But I didn’t know where to find good reviews about them, so I ended up wasting way too much time trying to choose between three different sock clubs that all looked like good options at first glance. Then I discovered Philosockphy, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed! In this review, I’ll show you why it’s my favorite sock of the month club around and why you should get one of your own today!

The Basics

In America alone, many sock brands sell upwards of $500 million worth of socks every year. That’s quite a lot considering that you probably wear them every day but sock makers rarely spend money advertising their product. Still, it’s never been easy to find one single place where all your socks can be delivered to you each month without breaking your budget. That is until now. With Philosocksophy, we’ve created an affordable monthly sock subscription service that sends you five pairs or more of high-quality socks on time every time. No need to take any further action – simply sign up, select your favorite styles and we will do everything else!

Top Reasons To Start A sock of the month Subscription

Starting your subscription in February gives you an extra warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that every month you will receive (2) pairs of brand new socks. Most sock subscription services send socks to your home on or around the 1st of each month. Every shipment includes 2 unique and stylish pairs of socks so your sock draw stays fresh all year long! If you are tired of searching for unique Christmas gifts for him, sock subscriptions are something that is sure to be a hit. Socks make great gifts because they are functional and add personality to any outfit from business attire to sweats! Who wouldn’t want more personality in their wardrobe? Most brands offer traditional plain colored sock styles with others offering themed and patterned monthly designs!

Do You Really Need it?

There’s more to starting a sock-of-the-month club than deciding that you want to start one. After all, do you need your own sock club? Or do you just want it? If you don’t need it—and no one but you will know that until after you ask yourself these questions—skip on over to our next section: Do You Need More Customers? If socks subscriptions are your passion, keep reading! In order to find out if there’s any kind of market for your sock subscription idea, check out Pinterest and Facebook groups dedicated to socks. Check out Amazon seller rankings in both men's and women's categories. Check with suppliers.

What's The Point Of A sock of the month Subscription?

Most people look at socks as a necessary evil. You can never have too many in your sock drawer, but they’re something that you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about. A sock subscription service changes all that and presents an interesting take on how to keep socks fresh in your mind all year long. When you subscribe to a sock of the month club, you will get one pair of great looking, quality socks sent to your door each month. Depending on which company you go with, it may be any variation of patterns or materials, but what stays consistent is that every month will bring a new pair to wear and enjoy.

How Do I Choose?

There are two things to consider when looking for a sock of the month club: how you want your socks, and how many pairs you'll need. Do you prefer ankle-length or knee-highs? Slouchy or ribbed? Thick heel, thin heel? And how many pairs do you think you'll want over the course of a year? You don't have to be exact - just give yourself some rough parameters. Once you've got an idea in mind, start shopping around online - there are plenty to choose from! All it takes is one solid subscription to keep your feet happy.