Searching for a Sock of the Month Club

Searching for a">sock of the month Club

What’s the best">sock of the month club? That’s the question I was facing when I first looked into getting one. But I didn’t know where to find good reviews about them, so I ended up wasting way too much time trying to choose between three different sock clubs that all looked like good options at first glance. Then I discovered Philosockphy, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed! In this review, I’ll show you why it’s my favorite">sock of the month club around and why you should get one of your own today!

What is Philosockphy?

Philosockphy is a philosophy that promotes changing socks on an exclusive basis, ideally once per month. The goal behind Philosockphy is to prevent stinky feet. Some who subscribe to Philosockphy suggest that while they see their parents going with cheap and unattractive sock brands, most socks won’t keep your feet dry in any weather condition, so it’s best to invest in sock subscriptions from well-made brands that are built using quality materials such as wool and cotton. Another bonus is that good sock companies will often give you a discount if you buy multiple pairs at once. So whether you have 3 or 30 pairs of socks, there’s no reason not to buy them all at once! The types of sock subscriptions you can find are

Choose your budget

If you want to sign up for a sock subscription, it’s important to know how much you’re willing to spend. If $30 seems reasonable, sites like Foot Cardigan or The Sock Drawer are great resources. However, if your budget is closer to $10, check out subscription sites like Stance or Bombas. If price is no object (I mean... you’re buying socks...) there are lots of high-end clubs that offer products from designers like Christian Louboutin and Dolce & Gabbana.

What are you looking for?

If you’re looking to do your own research and shop around on your own, search engines are one way to start. There are plenty of options out there—and if you search carefully, it’s possible to find sock subscription clubs that will send socks as often as once a month or at least every quarter. Additionally, many companies like Stance have blogs where they go into detail about their various designs. And social media is another good source to find out what other people in your community enjoy and recommend. If you don’t personally know anyone who might be interested in sock subscriptions, it may be worth reaching out online through Facebook groups or Reddit boards. You might be surprised at how quickly someone replies!

Shipping schedule

In general, if you’re sending out twelve pairs of socks at once, it makes sense to ship them all at once. In other words, there is no need to stagger shipment dates. Customers want their socks—and they want them fast! If your business model involves staggering shipments throughout each month, customers will likely be receiving packages every week or so and will likely be annoyed. The one exception might be if you operate a Sock-of-the-Month club where you expect to have many members per month. In that case, mailing on different days would make sense since it allows members time to try on their new socks before they wear them again and again in one week's time.

Customer reviews

One review stated, I’ve been searching for some time now and have tried out numerous sock clubs over time. Some of them I was able to cancel because they were lacking in quality or service. This one, however, is not just great quality but it’s also easy to cancel once you get your subscription going! Another customer said, I didn’t realize there were so many sock subscriptions on offer but as soon as I found out about it I knew I had to be apart of it.