Proud to Be a Sock of the Month Club Member!


I am extremely proud to say that I am a member of the sock of the month Club! Each month, I receive an assortment of socks with different colors and patterns to try out and add to my collection. For members like me, who enjoy collecting different socks, the sock of the month Club lets you do just that without having to spend hours looking for them in stores or searching for the best deals online. The quality and designs are always top-notch, and every time I open up my shipment from sock of the month Club, I know I’m going to get something great!


Why Did I Join?

No matter your age or gender, socks are an important part of your outfit and can help you show off your personal style. But what if you could get socks tailored just for you? That's where the Socksmith comes in. I joined because I wanted something fun, colorful and comfortable for my feet. The socks are just what I needed and they come with no commitment so that I can always have new colors on deck when my mood changes! If you've been looking for a sock subscription, this is it. Now with more than 50 styles from which to choose, there's something for everyone - from crazy color dress socks, cool mens socks, colorful ankle socks, best crew socks and all sorts of other styles in between!


What Were My Concerns?

I always had trouble finding awesome socks for men. Was I just not looking hard enough? I didn't want to buy boring socks that matched any outfit. I wanted something more colorful, fun and different. When I found out about this sock of the month club, all my worries were gone. This is such an awesome idea and I'm so glad they have these cool socks for men as well as funky womens socks too! It's also a great gift idea for anyone who has been looking for fun dress socks or just cool socks in general...this is definitely going on my Christmas list this year!


What Did I Expect?

I thought I would be getting an awesome sock subscription, but I just got a box full of mens purple ankle socks. I'm not very impressed.


How Was My First Box Sent?

When I got my first shipment in the mail, it was like I had just won some sort of award. The box was heavy and it had my name on it which made me feel like this is for me, for real. It felt really good. Unpacking each item inside was an adventure and when I got to my socks I couldn't wait to try them on. They were so colorful and vibrant that they practically glowed from under the wrapping paper. When I slipped them on they fit perfectly and looked awesome with all my clothes. They made me feel better about myself, like I could walk around with confidence knowing that everyone will be looking at my feet because they are so cool - which is pretty funny since everyone's feet look basically the same no matter what color socks you wear!


What Does an August Box Look Like?

A box full of awesome fun socks for men who are looking for some gift socks or just want to add some variety into their sock drawer. This box contains four pairs with two different colors and two different patterns.