Philosophy's Sock of the Month Club

Philosophy's sock of the month Club

What do you get when you combine the world’s most coveted sock designer with one of the world’s most revered sock subscription services? You get the Philosophy sock of the month Club, an amazingly fun gift idea that combines two of life’s most essential luxuries – fashion and comfort! This amazing club includes six pairs of hand-knit socks (and two bonus gifts!) delivered right to your door every month. How sweet is that? Sign up today to start receiving a new pair of custom-made, high-quality socks each month. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

What is so cool about socks, anyway?

As you can see, our sock of the month club features a wide variety of socks. These socks are fashionable and they make great gifts. You can purchase one pair or go all out and have multiple pairs in your sock subscription. So, what makes socks so important? What makes them a great item to own in your sock collection? Well, to be honest... Not a whole lot! We could stop here but we know that if you've made it all the way through reading about our fabulous Philosophy's sock of the month Club that you want more information about what we offer.

What makes Philosockphy sock of the month So Special

You don’t have to wear a standard sock anymore. It is like wearing a work of art that doesn’t make you feel less than comfortable. There are many different styles and colors to choose from, allowing you to mix and match with your outfit or just have one style to make that day special. It is something you can look forward to every month when it arrives in your mailbox because all of your packages should be happy mail. I was hooked at first sight so I thought I would share my Philosockphy sock of the month Club experience with everyone else, who might not know about it yet but definitely need a pair or three, now more than ever!

Why you should get involved with this sock subscription

There are sock subscription clubs like Sock it to Me and a few others, but what makes Philosockphy special is its ability to mix things up. The sock club features monthly subscriptions (about $15), but you'll receive two different pairs each month, instead of just one. That way, you get variety and won't feel bored with your choices. Plus, having extra pairs available means you can always have clean socks on hand—which everyone knows is a key ingredient for getting through those long work days without feeling too gross. Don't forget: You can sign up for multiple months at once if that feels right to you!

How it works and how to save money on your first month

The best way to do that is to take advantage of special offers such as our current philosophy sock sale . This month, you can get a 12-month subscription for $21.00 plus free shipping when you use code CLUB2 at checkout. It’s easy to sign up and pay month-to-month, or prepay for 6 months ($91.96) or a full year ($182.44). If you decide not to continue with your subscription after your first shipment, there’s no hard feelings because we won’t hassle you—and there are no hidden fees or contracts (unless you want us to!).