Philosophy's Sock of the Month Club

Philosophy's sock of the month Club

What do you get when you combine the world’s most coveted sock designer with one of the world’s most revered sock subscription services? You get the Philosophy sock of the month Club, an amazingly fun gift idea that combines two of life’s most essential luxuries – fashion and comfort! This amazing club includes six pairs of hand-knit socks (and two bonus gifts!) delivered right to your door every month. How sweet is that? Sign up today to start receiving a new pair of custom-made, high-quality socks each month. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Why Philosophy’s sock of the month club rocks

Philosophically speaking, socks are a funny thing. They’re something that we love to wear and show off, but no one seems to want to talk about them openly. Personally, I don’t think that philosophy can get any better than two people sitting around talking about socks with a little alcohol on hand. It’s right up there with my other favourite topics: cheese and wine. Philosophy’s sock of the month club is perfect for those who want to turn their obsession into a creative outlet or connect with others who love pairing incredible socks with everything from sneakers to suits.

How to choose socks that work with your wardrobe

When it comes to socks, you want a happy medium between fashion and function. Ask any fashion blogger and they’ll tell you that socks should match your shoes and/or your purse. But let’s be honest—isn’t half of sock-wearing about being comfortable? While keeping with a color scheme is important, don’t feel like you have to wear coordinating colors with every outfit (unless that helps you feel good). At Philosockphy, we pride ourselves on curating an assortment of bright socks—allowing you to accessorize in a way that works for your personal style.

A few reasons why we love sock subscriptions

1. It’s nice to have a fresh pair of socks each month. 2. No more losing socks! 3. Who doesn’t love mail? And last but not least, 4. Who doesn’t love socks? When you get really good socks, there’s something about having them on your feet that make you feel awesome! The sock subscription is pretty much an essential for everyone who loves amazing socks and fun mail days! So if you are thinking about getting a sock subscription as a gift for someone or even treating yourself, check out Philosophy’s sock of the month Club - it comes with 13 pairs per year which we think is pretty awesome and they even come in super cute packaging!

The different types of socks to buy when getting a subscription

Aside from softness, there are several things to consider when choosing your socks subscription. Fashion trends come and go, but some basic sock styles will always be in fashion—like knee-highs, ankle socks, and crew socks. Some popular material options include cotton, wool blends, cashmere blends, silk blends and more. socks subscriptions offer an opportunity to try new materials for a low price point. It’s a great way to try out new looks or experiment with different yarns and fibers without committing too much money up front. Most subscriptions come in monthly packages so you won’t have to dole out an arm and a leg on one sock purchase!