Philosophy's Sock of the Month Club

Philosophy's">sock of the month Club

What do you get when you combine the world’s most coveted sock designer with one of the world’s most revered sock subscription services? You get the Philosophy">sock of the month Club, an amazingly fun gift idea that combines two of life’s most essential luxuries – fashion and comfort! This amazing club includes six pairs of hand-knit socks (and two bonus gifts!) delivered right to your door every month. How sweet is that? Sign up today to start receiving a new pair of custom-made, high-quality socks each month. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Why Should You Consider A Monthly Socks Subscription?

If you’re like most people, your sock drawer is a jumbled mess of mismatched socks. If you’re tired of looking for two socks that match, or ruining your business suit by pulling on a borrowed sock from someone else’s drawer, it might be time to invest in a monthly sock subscription service. While our focus is on men's socks, there are plenty for women as well. Why not subscribe to one of these sock subscription services and feel more comfortable each day?

Why Should You Consider An Underwear Subscription?

I love my subscription to Philosockphy’s">sock of the month club, but there are a lot of subscriptions out there. Here are a few reasons why you should consider giving one as a gift: 1) The price is right. At $12/month, it’s hard to beat! 2) It’s fun. You can choose from new styles and designs every month or stick with your favorites. 3) A great stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift—no need to worry about size or fit. 4) You can customize your own subscription with items like socks, underwear and athletic gear (what?! yes!). 5) Fun holiday gifts—for Secret Santa or as an early Christmas present! 6) No more taking people clothing shopping at Old Navy!

How Does The Philosophy’s">sock of the month Club Work?

The Philosophy’s">sock of the month Club is a fun and exciting way to give yourself something new to look forward to each month. This is a sock subscription service that provides you with fresh socks that are very fashionable and look great on your feet. Each month will bring you a pair of socks for your birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or any special day of the year. You will receive a card from them thanking you for joining their club, which makes it even more fun because they have recognized your membership and celebrated with you.

When Can I Start Receiving My Monthly Subscription Boxes?

You can sign up for Philosophy’s">sock of the month club at any time! As soon as you subscribe, your first month’s socks will ship out right away. After that, you’ll receive a new pair of socks in each following month. To start receiving monthly subscription boxes today, visit their official website and place an order! If you want to learn more about Philosofy’s">sock of the month club before signing up, read our detailed review below!

How Many Months Does Each Edition Have In It ?

Each issue has 12 pairs, which comes out to 144 socks. When you sign up for a subscription, you'll automatically receive one pair each month for as long as you remain subscribed. You can also skip any month that doesn't strike your fancy or simply order a batch of six pairs at once to save time and money. Either way, it's clear that Philosopy provides their subscribers with high-quality sock deliveries that are equal parts variety and convenience. Why choose quality over quantity? In fact, you don't have to sacrifice one for another!

What Are Some Of The Benefits/features That Come Along With This Program ?

Some Of The Benefits/features That Come Along With This Program Include: Each month, members get a new pair of artisanal socks that are handcrafted in Nepal. As well as a book selected by one of their favorite philosophers. and an envelope containing other items relating to that philosopher. They have been running since 2007, so they have plenty experience in delivering great products on time every month. They’ve also got loads of testimonials available on their website (check them out at Philosockphy), if you want to see what other people think about their service. With so many different flavors, there really is something for everyone!

Does This Service Offer Both Men And Women’s Products ?

Yes. If you want to send your significant other a gift every month, but prefer something other than a shirt or hat, then consider a sock subscription box for him or her. Each month, Philosophy will send both socks that you choose and add in one bonus pair. With eight sizes available, there’s plenty of room for customization here. However, when it comes to shipping charges, each additional gift costs $9.95 in order to ship via UPS or Fed Ex ground. You’ll have 30 days after ordering to cancel your membership and receive a full refund if you change your mind about being in it for the long run.

What If I Am Already A Member Of A Similar Company, Is There Any Added Benefit For Me Joining This One Instead ?

For example, do they have a new and exciting selection that I won't find with other sock-of-the-month clubs? Or maybe a more reasonable price point than others. These are questions you might want to ask yourself, as each month you’ll receive two unique pair of socks in your mailbox. That’s one for each week, not just two for whatever month it is that you signed up! As a bonus gift from us here at Philosophy, all members will also receive their very own portable eclair pudding maker with their first shipment. This means that when you slip on those socks from Philosockphy on your feet there will be a delicious treat waiting for you inside. So go ahead and indulge.

How Do I Sign Up For The Monthly Socks Subscription Program ?

To sign up for Philosocks, you can either order online or call customer service. If you call, a representative will take your payment information by phone, and put your subscription on hold until September. When September rolls around, your first pair of socks arrives in the mail. That month’s delivery is just a $7.99 introductory offer; each month thereafter is $15.99—plus shipping costs (additional fees may apply based on destination).