Philosockphy's Sock of the Month: Which Material is Best for Socks?

Philosockphy's sock of the month: Which Material is Best for Socks?

If you want to know whether wool, nylon, or cotton makes the best sock, Philosockphy has the answer. Our sock of the month is an eye-opening way to gain knowledge on the different materials used in making socks and why they work well or poorly when it comes to your feet. So if you’re looking to replace your everyday pair of socks, or are in the market for some new socks altogether, check out Philosockphy’s sock of the month today!



If you're looking to get your feet in a comfy sock, then cotton is a great material to look at. You can find some great options like ankle socks or crew socks that are made of cotton and have some fun colors to choose from. Cotton socks are also perfect if you want something with a little stretch to it, because they will fit to your foot better and won't hurt as much when they bunch up. Cotton also has the benefit of being breathable so your feet won't sweat as much. This material is also very durable which means you don't have to worry about them tearing too easily - unless you're trying out some extra adventurous activities with them!


Merino Wool

It would be difficult to find a better wool than merino wool. First, it has incredible natural anti-microbial properties which resist stinky feet and funky odors. Second, it breathes incredibly well so you stay cool and dry all day long. Third, merino wool socks are durable and last longer than other wools or cotton fabrics. Fourth, they're naturally soft, comfortable and itch-free. Fifth, they are luxuriously thick which provides cushioning where you need it most - on your heel and under your toes!

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The Philosockphy sock club offers a vast array of fun, vibrant and colorful socks. Allowing you to have a different pair delivered to your door every month with our monthly sock subscription. There are even some pairs that can be used for dressy occasions, like these rainbow socks! These fun socks come at an affordable price and are made from eco-friendly bamboo. Our favorite feature about these socks is how stretchy they are, so they're perfect for wearing with tight fitting shoes or boots.



Every month, we send you a new pair of socks in your favorite color and crazy pattern. We offer two types of socks: warm, cotton socks and cool, nylon socks. Cotton socks are lightweight, breathable and stretchy. They're perfect for spring days or summer evenings when it's not too hot outside. Nylon socks are more durable with a thicker fabric that makes them ideal for winter wear as they provide warmth without being bulky. You can also wear them to bed on those cold winter nights to keep your feet cozy!
We offer two types of sock subscriptions so you can choose what kind you like best!



We've all been there: you're out shopping and find a few pairs that you just can't live without. Then, you realize with horror that they are polyester. That's right - polyester socks! These are not your grandma's tube socks; these are the most stylish, coziest, and comfortable socks on earth. The only problem is that if you wear them outside in rainy or humid weather (or both), they will get soggy and start to stink up your shoes. When it comes to finding a material for your feet, why settle? We offer our customers sock subscriptions so that they never have to worry about this again!