Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Subscription: Keep Calm and Wear Awesome Socks

Philosockphy's sock of the month Subscription: Keep Calm and Wear Awesome Socks

Admit it – when you look down at your feet, what do you see? Unless your socks are really ugly, they probably don’t make much of an impression. But if you had the option to wear awesome socks every day, wouldn’t that be reason enough to start paying more attention? That’s where Philosockphy Socks comes in! We offer sock subscriptions that include 3 pairs of high-quality and stylish socks delivered right to your door each month.


What is Philosockphy?

Philosockphy is a monthly sock subscription service for men who want to keep calm and wear awesome socks. Every month, Philosockphy mails you a new pair of awesome socks. We offer a variety of styles, including colorful ankle socks, colorful dress socks, cool men's crew socks, fun dress socks, gift socks and more. Our goal is to create an awesome experience for our customers that last all year long. We're also known for our excellent customer service which includes fast shipping on every order!


How does the sock of the month subscription work?

The Philosockphy sock of the month subscription is a quarterly sock club that sends you a pair of colourful, fun socks every three months. You can choose from two different plans: one sock per quarter or two socks per quarter. The subscription starts with a questionnaire to determine which type and size of socks work best for you, and then you're set to receive your first pair about 3-4 weeks later. Philosockphy will also send an email notification when it's time to renew your plan so that you never miss out on your new pairs!


What are the benefits of subscribing?

Sign up for a sock of the month subscription from Philosockphy to get socks delivered monthly to your door. You'll get amazing, high-quality socks that are 100% guaranteed not to shrink or fade. Plus, you'll be supporting a small business that strives to make great socks at affordable prices.
The benefits of subscribing are - getting cool ankle socks each month, having fun wearing colorful socks while managing your stress levels, creating good fortune by giving someone a gift they will love every time they wear their new pair of Philosockphy Socks!


How can I sign up?

Philosockphy socks is here to deliver you awesome socks. It has created a club, which will deliver its members monthly socks for a low price. Each month, it delivers 12 pairs of colorful socks in cool designs that suit everyone’s style.