Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Subscription is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Philosockphy's sock of the month Subscription is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

If you have someone on your Christmas list who seems to have everything, but you just can’t think of what to get them, maybe a gift subscription to Philosockphy’s sock of the month Subscription would be the perfect present. It’s different from all the other gifts out there and keeps on giving every single month for an entire year. Plus, it comes with great sock-themed swag like stickers, socks, and other cool accessories! Here are 8 reasons why you should sign up!



- Receive six pairs of socks each month, one for each week - You'll be able to change up your style from day to day, even if you work in an office where dress code usually dictates what color socks you're allowed to wear. Whether you want a simple sock for everyday or something fun for a holiday party, we've got you covered. - Each month comes with new and unique designs, so it will never get old! Plus, there are always different patterns and colors to choose from. Don't worry about feeling like your wardrobe is getting stale- the sock of the month club will keep it fresh and exciting! Even after all these years, our sock subscription has been just as popular as ever. - The best part?


Reason #1: It's an investment you can wear

Too many people have never had the experience of getting a gift they actually wanted. It can be hard to find something special and thoughtful as an adult, but with our sock of the month subscription, you're guaranteed to get something you love every single time. And we've got just about any color you can think of! Mens purple ankle socks? You betcha! If you're still not convinced, take a look at all these reasons why your dad will love our sock of the month subscription.


Reason #2: People ask about your socks

We get a lot of questions about our socks and when we tell people we have a sock club, they usually get really excited. There are all sorts of different styles from those who prefer regular socks to those who like dress socks or even crazy color dress socks. Some people are interested in what it would be like to have a sock subscription for themselves or their family members and so we always answer their questions as best as we can.


Reason #3: Practical gift for men & women

It's a cold hard truth: No one wants to buy socks as a gift. If you're shopping for someone who has everything, or looking for a stocking stuffer, Philosocks will be your best friend. It'll save you money and it'll make their day when they get these fun socks in the mail. They might even have time to wear them before Christmas!


Reason #4: Supporting Small Businesses

At Philosockphy, our goal is to be good people. We want to help you take your mind off of things and have a little fun with your feet. That's why we made Philosocks: colorful, comfortable socks with an attitude. The best way to do this, in our opinion? Monthly subscriptions! With monthly subscriptions, you don't have to worry about forgetting when the next shipment comes in or having enough room in your sock drawer for all those new colors. It also helps us by letting us know what colors and designs are most popular so we can always keep them in stock. We love our customers and want them to know how much we appreciate their business!


Reason #5: We're Good PeopleTM

We work with a handful of factories in North America and Europe who provide fair wages and safe working conditions. We don't use any sweatshops. Our socks are made with comfortable materials, including materials like cotton and wool, which are biodegradable. We donate a percentage of our profits to organizations that help protect the environment and people all over the world. If you're looking for an easy way to do some good in this world, we've got you covered!


Reason #6: A new design every month

We've found that people really love getting a new design every month. It seems to be a great way for guys to feel freshened up and get excited about something new. Plus, it's always fun to see what new socks we'll be designing each month. And since there are so many colors, you can mix and match with your favorite clothing items or shoes!


Reason #7. No buyer’s remorse. If you don't like them you can send them back!

Too often we find ourselves buying clothes, shoes, or other items and then immediately regretting it. With a subscription you don't have to worry about buyer's remorse because if you don't like your socks you can send them back! Philosocksmithy has a 100% satisfaction guarantee that covers all our socks. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just reach out and we will issue a refund.


Reason #8. Surprise your loved ones with something useful

It can be difficult to find a gift for a man who has everything. But I've found one thing all men love, and that's socks! It doesn't matter if they're colorful dress socks or fun ankle socks, they'll love them! The best part about buying fun men's socks as a gift is you don't have to know their size. You can just order them online and they'll fit perfectly! Philosockphy even offers a sock of the month club, so your loved ones will always receive a new pair of awesome socks every month. What could be better than receiving new cool mens socks?