Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Subscription: 6 Reasons Your Feet Will Thank You

Philosockphy's sock of the month Subscription: 6 Reasons Your Feet Will Thank You

You may not know this, but we at Philosockphy want nothing more than to make you as comfortable as possible — and we're pretty darn good at it if we say so ourselves! But in order to do so, you need a few things — namely, the right socks. You wouldn't drive without the right oil or tires, would you? Neither should you go barefoot! That's why we've got the best sock of the month subscription — six pairs of fresh new socks delivered directly to your door each and every month! Here are our six reasons your feet will thank us...


1) The Happy Feet Guide

One of our favorite socks to gift or wear are these colorful dress socks. They're fun and they make your feet feel great! Whether you're going sockless with a suit or wearing with jeans, these socks will be a hit. And don't forget about our other amazing collections like crazy color dress socks, cool socks for men, and best sock subscription.


2) Less Frequent Shopping Trips

If you're anything like me, your sock drawer probably looks something like a dark abyss. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to get some socks only to find that they're either dirty or in need of replacing. The solution? Philosockspy's monthly sock subscription service. With this service, you'll never have to worry about finding that perfect pair of socks again. When it comes time for a new shipment, just let them know what type and color you want and they'll do the rest! This way, not only will your feet thank you for all those fun socks, but so will your wallet!


3) Fun New Designs and Colors

We are so excited to announce our newest sock designs! From pastels to stripes, we've got you covered. Philosockphy is a monthly sock subscription for men that sends you different styles and colors of socks each month. We know you'll love these new designs, and if you don't, we offer free returns on any un-used pairs from your subscription.
We have lots of fun men's socks including:
- Cool men's ankle socks in colorful patterns or solids
- fun dress socks that can be worn with a suit or dressed up with sneakers
- best crew socks for lounging around the house or getting work done at the office
Subscribe today so your feet will thank you for it every day!


4) Nicer Gifts for Others

We hope you enjoy our Philosockphy's sock of the month Club! If you do, why not give a gift to someone else in your life who might love it too? Gift ideas include a sock subscription for anyone on your list who likes to be fashionable and have fun with their clothing. We also offer Men's Purple ankle socks, Mens Coloured Socks, Mens ankle socks, Fun Men's ankle socks, cool mens socks and More!

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5) Higher Quality, Longer Lasting Socks

We all know that our feet are important, but when you add in a job where you're on your feet for hours at a time or play sports where you're constantly running or walking, your feet can take a lot of abuse. Philosocks understands this and we also understand that there is nothing worse than getting home after long day and realizing that your socks have had it--you're left with holes and rips in them and they're just not going to make it another day. We don't want anyone to go through that so we've created the Philosocks Sock Club for men. Our sock club features fun socks for men like colorful ankle socks, best sock of the month club, awesome socks club and more! The best part?

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6) Fun Packaging

The Philosockphy sock of the month subscription service provides a monthly delivery to your door. These are great for gift giving or just your own personal indulgence. The socks come in bright and colorful patterns that are sure to please. There is also a fun quiz that comes with each package, which helps you learn about yourself. This is an inexpensive way to buy new socks for yourself or as a gift for someone else.