Philosockphy's Sock of the Month - How to Wear Them

What should you wear with your new sock of the month subscription? That’s easy! Any old pair of shoes, of course! The point of sock of the month Club isn’t to get matching socks and shoes, but to have great quality socks that you’re excited about every month. So if you want to wear an old pair of sneakers with your new socks from Philosockphy, then go right ahead. As long as you love the way you look in your new socks, that’s all that matters!

Shoes, Fashion, and Style

What are your thoughts on socks? You may not have thought about it until now, but socks can be a fashion statement! They're also fun and perfect for gift giving. Philosocksy has a monthly sock subscription that is perfect for you! Choose from three different types of socks, men's purple ankle socks, mens colorful socks, or mens ankle socks. All three types come with 12 pairs per month at just $19.99/month. The coolest part? They offer free shipping if you sign up for six months or more! This is a great way to give yourself or someone else some new funky style every month.

The Perfect Outfit

To make sure you're always dressed for the occasion, take a look at our Philosockphy Socks of The Month. Want some color? Try wearing your favorite color dress socks with navy or black pants. Whether you're going for a more casual look or need to get dressed up, we have you covered. You can wear our purple ankle socks with jeans and a white shirt, or go for bright colors like our red crew socks with khaki shorts and a tee shirt. No matter what you wear on your feet, we've got you covered!

What Not To Do

- Do not wear socks with sandals.

- Do not wear socks with flip flops. - Do not wear socks with a suit.

- Do not wear socks with dress shoes.

- Do not wear ankle socks with pants.

Tips and Tricks

For a relatively low price, you can dress your feet in these awesome socks. They come in all different colors and patterns. For example, I have a pair of Awesome socks with a pattern that looks like planets and stars. I also have a pair of neon green ankle length socks that are perfect for running in on those cold winter days. There are also fun dress socks that look great with suits or khakis. If you're feeling crazy and want to wear some wild colored socks, then check out Philosocks' crazy color dress socks! These bright colored dress socks will add some zest to your outfit, whether it be sneakers or loafers!


So, there you have it. These are just some examples of how you can wear your Philosockphy socks with other clothes. The most important thing is that you wear them with confidence and have fun! If you want to get a subscription for yourself or someone else, head over to our website and sign up today! We offer three different levels of subscriptions: 1) Cool Crew 2) awesome socks club 3) Mens Purple ankle socks (scroll down for more information).