Philosockphy's Sock of the Month - How to Show Off Your Socks on Instagram

A monthly sock subscription service that curates the best socks from around the world and offers them at affordable prices to you, our customers! We also have an Instagram account called Philosockphy (@Philosockphy) which highlights some of our favorite fashionable men, women, and children around the world who are wearing our sock of the month! So here’s how to show off your socks on Instagram!


We all have a sock drawer that we're not proud of. It's filled with mismatched socks and worn out ankle socks. You can find high-quality colorful socks that are perfect for any occasion from Philosockphy! We offer fun ankle socks, dress socks, and dressy crew socks.

The Philosockphy sock of the month club is a great gift idea for your favorite men in your life! Our monthly sock subscriptions include one pair each month for only $9 per month (including shipping). Plus, when you purchase three months or more, you'll receive free shipping.

We also offer a free trial so that you can see how our socks are much better than any other men's sock subscription out there.

Step One: Getting the right camera equipment

The first step is making sure you have the right gear. Without this, you'll never get a good picture. I recommend having a DSLR camera with a macro lens or at least an SLR camera with a close up lens. This will help get your socks in focus and crisp so that all your followers can see them in their full glory. You also want to make sure you're able to adjust your ISO, aperture and shutter speed for low light situations so that you can still take pictures when it's dark out. And finally, make sure you have plenty of storage space for all those pictures! A 16GB card should be enough but if not, go ahead and invest in an SD card with more memory.

Step Two: Lighting

The first step in taking a great sock selfie is finding a good spot. If you are going for a more dramatic shot, try standing near a window or outside in the bright sunlight. The natural light will give you that perfect glow, and when combined with your choice of filter, will make for an amazing photo.

You want to make sure that your socks are visible in your photo too, so stand close and turn around to show them off! One thing I love about Philosockphrys' socks is that they have crazy color combinations and patterns that really stand out.

Once you find your perfect spot, use the timer on your camera or phone (or ask someone else to take it) and get into position before they count down!

Step Three: Editing

I'm a huge fan of socks. I love them so much, in fact, that I started my own sock subscription service called Philosockphy. You see, for me, it's not about having just any ol' socks in my drawer or feet--I want a variety! And these days there are so many options when it comes to cool ankle socks and colorful dress socks. But with all those choices out there, how do you know which company is going to be best? Lucky for you, here at Philosockphy we're always looking out for our members! That's why we've compiled this list of the top three sock companies around.

Step Four: The Big Reveal

Why not show off your socks in style? We've got you covered with our new sock of the month club: Philosockphy. For just $10 a month, you can get a monthly set of awesome ankle socks delivered right to your door. With over six different styles, there is sure to be something for everyone. And if that wasn't enough, when you sign up for Philosockphy today, we'll give you two free pairs! Explore our website and learn more about what we do at Philosockphy!