Philosockphy's Sock of the Month for November: 5 Reasons You Should Give Up Sex and Devote Your Life to Cute Socks

You’re probably thinking, Why in the world would I want to give up sex and devote my life to cute socks? The answer is easy: because cute socks are so much better than sex! In fact, here are five reasons you should trade in your sex life for some adorable, delightful sock wearables.

1) They make you look sexy

If you're not into socks, don't worry. I'll save your life from a sexless future with this one sentence.

Socks make you look sexy.

I'm not talking about your ugly ankle socks (sorry). I'm talking about fun, colorful socks that make people want to look at your feet and admire them.

Best part is they're actually comfortable too!

2) They can be your most intimate companion

Caring for your socks is like caring for your lover. The more you love them, the better they will treat you in return. And let's be real, socks are way cuter than most lovers. They don't care if you're not on top of your game or if you need a hug after a long day at work.

3) Who needs sex when you have socks?

It is a known fact that there are two things in this world that make people happy: socks and sex. But what if you were faced with the decision between one or the other? Which would you choose? Well, after careful consideration, I have come to a conclusion that there is no question about which one should win. It is socks every time!

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4) They are always there for you

They are always there when you need them. They never complain. They will be your best friend forever. And they're just so darn cute! The socks that is, not your ex-boyfriend (sorry). No matter what happens, you can rely on socks to be there, no matter what. That's why it doesn't hurt if you occasionally have to give up sex in order to devote your life (or at least your free time) to these wonderful creatures.

5) Not only cute but also practical!

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