Philosockphy's Sock of the Month for November: 10 Awesome Matching Sock and Tie Combinations!

Philosockphy's sock of the month for November: 10 Awesome Matching Sock and Tie Combinations!

For November’s sock of the month, Philosockphy has put together 10 Awesome Matching Sock and Tie Combinations! It doesn’t matter what your job or personal style is, you are sure to find something that suits you among these clever outfit pairings. And the best part? They’re affordable, too! Check out our guide below to see how you can add some fun to your everyday outfits, and make sure you check back next month for another fashion-forward article from Philosockphy!

Ten Outfits - One Pair of Socks

#1. Purple Dress Shoes + Purple Dress Socks = A Strong, Confident Male Presence

#2. Black Dress Shoes + Bright Red Dress Socks = A Funky, Bold Fashion Statement

#3. Brown Dress Shoes + Brown Ankle-Socks = A Classic, Timeless Look

#4. Burgundy Loafers + Orange Dress Socks = A Spicy Combo That Gives Off An Extra Boost Of Energy And Creativity

Outfit 1 - Black and Grey Striped Tee, Grey Slacks, Silver Tie with Purple Detail

1. Pair a black and grey striped tee with grey slacks, topped off with a silver tie with purple detail. Keep socks simple with an awesome pair of mens black ankle socks. You'll be ready to go in this stylish outfit that will keep you looking your best all day long.

2. For another great look, try pairing a yellow dress shirt with blue slacks, teamed up with brown dress socks. Finish it off with a brown belt to create an outfit that is perfect for work or play.

3. When you're not sure what to wear, don't fret - we've got you covered!

Outfit 2 - Light Blue Shirt, Dark Jeans, Yellow Pocket Square, Yellow Tie

1. Dark blue socks with a light blue shirt, dark jeans, and a yellow pocket square.

2. Light pink socks with a light pink shirt, black jeans, and a purple tie.

3. Navy blue socks with a navy blue button up shirt, khaki pants, and an orange tie.

Outfit 3 - Navy Suit Jacket, White Dress Shirt w/Blue Bowtie, Grey Slacks

No matter how much you plan, giving a speech can always be nerve-wracking. That is why it is important to have a suit that fits well and conveys confidence. This navy suit jacket with white dress shirt and blue tie will do just that. The gray slacks are an ideal choice because they will help you stand out without being too loud. Remember to show off your personality with fun socks, like these ones from Philosockphy's sock of the month club (November is all about matching socks!). These mens ankle socks are perfect because they're both stylish and comfortable. And, don't forget to spruce up your look with a pair of best crew socks!

Outfit 4 - Dark Grey Shirt w/White Collar, Dark Jeans, Blue Ties

Incorporating a variety of colors into your wardrobe will not only bring life to your style but also give you more confidence. No matter how little time you have each morning, there is always an opportunity to dress up a little bit more than usual. In today's combo, we have paired navy jackets with light tan pants and belts. You can also wear this set with a different color belt or pants if desired - it all depends on what makes you happy! If you're looking for socks that will match this outfit perfectly, take a look at Philosockphy's newest sock subscription service. With over 100 different styles to choose from, it's the perfect gift idea for men or women in your life who love socks.

Outfit 5 - White Button Down w/Diamond Pattern, Brown Belt w/Brown Buckle, Brown Leather Shoes

Want a quick outfit that will make you look like a million bucks? This is it. This outfit is perfect for work, but can be worn in all seasons. To keep your look professional, wear a white button down with a brown belt and brown leather shoes. All three pieces are very neutral colors, so they'll go with anything you decide to wear. For more color, try adding some bright socks to your ensemble!

Outfit 6 - Navy Jacket w/Teal Vests & White Collar, Light Brown Pants & Tan / Light Brown Belt

It's time to dress things up a little bit with this outfit, which features a navy jacket, light brown pants, teal vests and tan belt. The navy blue hue is a perfect way to add some color to your wardrobe without overdoing it. Just make sure you keep your accessories simple so they don't compete with all the other colors in this look. You'll need a pair of white socks that coordinate with your shoes as well as some formals wear to complete this outfit. Make sure you have fun with matching these sock and tie combinations!

Outfit 7 - Khaki Pants & Vest Combo Set with Green Collar & Green Spotted Bowtie / Green Pencils (Optional)

Don't be like a lot of people who don't think about their outfits until they're getting ready. It's time to start thinking ahead, which is why we recommend this outfit that can have you looking good, feeling good, and dressed to impress in minutes. You'll need to wear khaki pants, a vest or cardigan combo set with a green collar and green spotted bowtie (or just tie), green pencils if desired, navy blue dress shoes or brown loafers. Finish off your look with some cool socks like these from Philosockphy's sock of the month Club!

Outfit 8 - Olive Color Camouflage Pants with Cool Camo Print Shirt / Lime Green Pocket Square

Whether you're wearing a suit or a t-shirt, a well-dressed man should always be wearing his socks. And we've got a range of styles to fit any occasion. Our mens socks come in cool colors, crazy prints, or classic solids so you can match them to your outfit. If you're looking for an awesome sock club that sends out fun socks every month then sign up to our Philosockphy's sock of the month Club. We'll send you one pair of our best socks every month so there's never an awkward moment when someone asks why aren't your ankles showing?

Outfit 9 - Baby Blue Skinny Jeans with Teal Logo Tee & Teal Necktie / Pink Classic Belt

For this outfit, I'm wearing jeans that are baby blue in color with teal logo tees. The shirt has a strip on the back that is also baby blue. I'm also wearing a light-pink classic belt with my jeans. My necktie is also pink but it matches well with my shirt. All together, this is a great look if you're trying to dress professional but still want to be fashionable at the same time!