Philosockphy's Sock of the Month for March is Here!

Philosockphy's sock of the month for March is Here!

Spring is almost here! We know it’s been an extra long and cold winter, but the days are getting longer and we know you can feel that warmth coming on the breeze. You’ve been patiently waiting all winter long to pull out your favorite spring outfits and make a fresh start, and now you can finally do it! Philosockphy has the perfect accessory to go with your new look as spring comes in full force: our sock of the month for March!


Introducing the sock of the month

We are so excited to announce that Philosockphy's sock of the month has arrived and it might be our best one yet. We've got some colorful options, a few funky patterns, and even some fun dress socks in this package! Plus, we always include a pair of ankle socks to help you keep your feet warm on a chilly day. This package would make an awesome gift or addition to any wardrobe. All you have to do is click subscribe below to get started.


The story behind the sock

Are you looking for a new sock subscription or ankle socks? Our philosophy is that you shouldn't have to be someone in particular to wear cool, fun and colorful socks. That's why we created Philosockphy - to make sure everyone can wear awesome socks, regardless of their lifestyle.
With our sock of the month club, you'll get one new pair every month delivered straight to your doorstep. You'll receive a mix of crazy color dress socks, fun dress socks and mens ankle socks. You'll never know what color or style you're going to get next!


How to style the sock

This month we're featuring these awesome, colorful ankle socks. These are perfect for showing off your style and making a statement. Now that it's getting warmer, you can wear them with shorts or even jeans. You'll be surprised at how many different outfits these socks can go with. Who says they're just socks? They're so much more than that - they're a fashion statement! So go ahead and buy a pair or two (or three) to add to your sock collection today.


Where to buy the sock

This month, Philosockphy has an assortment of colorful socks that are perfect for spring. If you're looking to add some spice to your style, these socks will make you proud. Check out our sock subscription today and get a fun pair delivered each month. You won't regret it!