Philosockphy's Sock of the Month for March: Five Great Ways to Fold Your Socks

Philosockphy's sock of the month for March: Five Great Ways to Fold Your Socks

You may not realize it, but the way you fold your socks can say a lot about you to other people who don’t know you too well. Are you the type of person who makes sure each sock goes into its appropriate mate? Or do you just throw them all in the drawer together, hoping that no one will notice? If you have trouble matching up your socks every time, check out these 5 great ways to fold your socks!

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Before you start, take a deep breath

The art of folding socks is a dying one. With people wearing more athletic or dress socks, and with families buying fewer pairs, it can be hard to convince someone that there are still some folks out there who enjoy carefully folding their socks. There are even shops that have come along just for this purpose!
But what if you could get your socks delivered in a fun new way each month? For example, if you're looking for ankle socks or cool coloured dress socks, we've got that covered! We also offer sock subscriptions so you never run out again. And if you're looking for more than one pair at a time, we offer bulk orders too!

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Method #1 - The Basic Square

1. To begin, take your pair of socks and fold them lengthwise so that they form a rectangle shape with one side being inside and the other outside. 2. Next, fold this rectangle in half width-wise so that you now have a square. 3. Finally, fold one corner on the outer layer inward towards the center to create a smaller square which should be about 1/4th of its original size (1 inch by 1 inch). 4. Repeat this process on the opposite end until it is time to put your second sock in place. 5. Once both socks are stacked inside each other, tuck them into each other at least three inches from either side of your heel and voila! You now know how to fold your socks!

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Method #2 - T Style

Do you have a sock drawer that is looking like a disaster? We're here to help! Philosockphy has created a sock of the month club with five new ways to fold your socks. #1 - The Basic Fold The first way is as simple as it gets and does not require any fancy folding technique. Simply fold your socks in half and stack them one on top of each other. #2 - The Zig Zag Fold This method requires making zig zags in between each pair so they can easily be pulled out one at a time when needed.

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Method #3 - Folding by Number (1-4-2-3)

Fold socks by number, starting with 1 at the top and working your way down. If you're left with two pairs, fold them so that 1 is on one side and 2 is on the other. When all 4 are done, flip them over so that 4 is on top and work your way down again. This method ensures that all socks are folded into pairs, which means you can never have one single sock get lost! #1 (top), #2 (left), #3 (right), #4 (bottom).

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Method #4 - Double Stacked T

This method starts with a double stacked T. Take your left leg and fold it in half, fold your right leg in half, then take your left leg and place it on top of your right. You should now have a long stack. Now take that stack and place it on top of itself. You're going to want to tuck the socks in as you go so you don't end up with sagging ankles. At this point you can either wear them or cut off the excess sock material if they are too long, and they're ready!
#1 - The Single Stacked T (seven sentences)
Start by folding one sock over and then taking the other sock and folding it over onto that first sock.

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Finally, after some practice you will be ready for...

The Philosockphy staff has put together a list of five great ways to fold socks. We hope that this will help you with your sock folding needs. After you have tried out these methods, we recommend purchasing one of our monthly sock subscriptions, where we will send you a package of fun and colorful socks each month. Our goal is to provide you with awesome socks at an affordable price.

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The Master!

1) When you are finished with your socks, fold them in half lengthwise. 2) Use one hand to hold both socks in place. 3) Flip one sock over and fold it so that it rests on top of the other sock. 4) Tuck this folded sock over the other sock on top. 5) Hold onto both ends of this folded sock and then pull them out from underneath. 6) Repeat this process with your other foot until both feet are done.