Philosockphy's Sock of the Month for June: Which Material is Best for Socks?

Philosockphy's sock of the month for June: Which Material is Best for Socks?

In an effort to continue the monthly sock of the month series, I’ve decided to tackle which material makes the best sock! That’s right, this month I’m tackling everything from merino wool to bamboo to cotton and everything in between. Who knew there were so many options when it came to what materials socks could be made out of?


What happens when your feet get wet?

If your feet get wet, then they need to be dried and kept warm. Wearing socks, which are made out with a material that can both absorb water and keep your feet warm, are one way to take care of this issue. Cotton socks, wool socks or cashmere socks will all do the trick. But some people find that cotton or wool socks feel too itchy and restrictive - especially on their ankles. For those people, a sock subscription service like Philosockphy may be just what they're looking for.


What are the best materials for socks today?

The best material for socks today seems to be a mix between cotton, wool, and nylon. These materials are all light weight and breathable. They also wash well and dry quickly which makes them perfect for traveling. Cotton socks are soft but they do not wear as long as wool or nylon. Wool is warmer than cotton but it does not breathe as well. Nylon socks are durable and will last longer than cotton or wool but they tend to be slippery on hardwood floors since they have no texture at all.
So it really comes down to personal preference when deciding what the best material is for your needs!

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A brief history of socks

Socks were originally used by ancient people as a way to keep their feet warm. However, when the Industrial Revolution took off in 18th century Europe and North America, socks were suddenly used as a status symbol. They showcased how much money was available to spend on clothing and it became a trend for the rich to be able to wear more expensive socks. Fast-forward a couple hundred years later and we are now living in an era where socks are worn more casually than ever before. From colorful dress socks that can be paired with anything to fun men's ankle socks that show off your personality, there is something out there for everyone! Philosockphy has curated sock selections from around the world so you can find your perfect pair!

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Why does this matter now, though?

The sock industry has exploded in recent years, and with it, the number of materials used to make socks has grown. There are now more options than ever when it comes to what material your socks will be made out of. Here are a few reasons that it's important to know which material your socks are made from before you buy them.
1) Cotton - cotton offers a comfortable, breathable material that is great for any season and can also keep your feet warm in colder weather.
2) Merino Wool - wool offers an ultra-soft feel and stays warm even when wet because it absorbs moisture rather than repelling it.

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Moving forward with Philosockophy

I have always loved getting new dress socks, but I've never been able to find any good, quality socks that are actually affordable. But when I found Philosockophy, they offered socks in a range of colors and patterns, including cool socks for men and colorful ankle socks that were perfect! They offer a monthly sock club where you can get awesome socks every month as well as a sock of the month club where you only get one pair in a month but it changes each time. They also have some great gifts like fun crew socks and crazy color dress socks that make this company stand out from the rest.