Philosockphy's Sock of the Month for January: How to Keep Your Feet Warm All Winter Long!


You’re likely thinking Philosockphy? What the heck is that? We know, we know... it’s a silly name. But Philosockphy isn’t your typical sock company! In fact, we sell 10 unique styles of men’s and women’s socks with different patterns, designs, and materials – providing you with sock options to fit your personal style and needs!

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Wear Wool-Merino Blend Socks

Wool-Merino Blend socks are a great winter accessory. These socks are made out of a blend with wool, cashmere, and alpaca yarns that can keep your feet warm while still feeling soft and cozy. These socks have been getting rave reviews by customers who say they help them stay warm when wearing boots or shoes all day long. They also claim these socks provide better cushioning than cotton or cotton blends, which is really important if you're on your feet most of the day. This sock subscription service will send you two pairs every month for a year, giving you enough time to find out which style is best for you before committing.

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Wear Thick Outerwear

For me, it comes down to a few easy changes. I've found that wearing a heavier coat and leggings has made a world of difference in keeping my feet warm. I always wear socks (even if they're just ankle socks), and I'm also found that wearing wool socks have been great at keeping my feet warm. It might be because wool is naturally warmer than cotton, but regardless, I haven't had cold toes since I started doing this. Now, when it comes time to take off my boots after a long day of running errands or out with friends, my toes are cozy and warm - it's really nice feeling.
I bought these fuzzy ankle socks from CrewSocks as part of their sock club and they're so much fun!


Layer On Underwear

Start with a base layer, which can be either merino wool or synthetic. Merino wool is warmer and more expensive, but less itchy than synthetic fabrics. A mid-layer is needed if you are going to be outdoors in cold weather; this could be another layer of underwear, some heavyweight socks, or even a pair of insulated pants. The outermost layer is your boots and coat; these should both be made from waterproof materials such as leather and canvas (but not cotton). Finally, dress in layers so you can take off or put on clothes as you need them.


Place Hot Water Bottles In Shoes

One way to keep your feet warm is by placing a hot water bottle in your shoes. This is an old trick that really does work! The heat from the water heats up your feet and keeps them warm all day long. Just make sure that you don't tie off the bottle, or else you'll be a little too cozy for comfort.
Another way to keep your feet warm during winter is by wearing socks that wick away moisture from your skin. Wool socks are great because they will trap in some of your body's natural warmth and keep it close to your skin, but any pair of socks with this quality will do just fine.


Avoid Cold Drinks

The worst thing you can do is drink cold drinks. When your body has a sudden spike in temperature it will cool down and contract, but when it goes back down, that's when your feet really get cold. This means that drinking something like a soda or iced coffee will make your feet even colder. Avoiding these drinks will help keep your feet warm all winter long.


Get a Pedicure, then Get Rid Of Your Nails (not kidding!)

When you go to get a pedicure, don't forget that your nails need some tender loving care too. If you have acrylic nails, I recommend getting them all removed before going in for your pedicure. It is amazing how much better your nails will look after removing acrylics and it will give your nail tech more room to work on shaping and buffing your natural nails. You can always get them put back on later if you like, but it takes time and money so be sure you really want them before committing.
It is also a good idea to cut any excess polish off of the tips of your nails when they are wet from being soaked in water during the pedicure process.


Heat Up Your House/Apartment

Winter means long, cold days and nights. One thing you can do is get a heater or space heater. This will increase the warmth in your house or apartment, which will make you feel better when it’s cold outside. You can also lay down a thick rug on your floor to stop any drafts coming in from underneath your door and window sill. Another good idea is to get some warm socks; here at Philosockphy we believe that getting a monthly sock subscription is one of the best things you can do for yourself in winter because not only does it provide amazing socks but it also helps keep your feet warm all winter long!