Philosockphy's Sock of the Month for February: 8 Random, Fun, and Useless Facts About Socks

Philosockphy's sock of the month for February: 8 Random, Fun, and Useless Facts About Socks

How many socks do you wear each day? Philosockphy founder and sock connoisseur Ben Dover certainly has an answer—it’s 8 (yes, eight). That number isn’t random, however; it’s the basis of Philosockphy’s sock of the month Club. Each month, club members will receive one pair of fun, colorful socks to complement their existing sock collection. So what exactly makes these socks so special that they deserve their own monthly club? Well, there are 8 reasons! 1.

Chapter 1 - Sneaker Protection

Sneak your feet into a new pair of men's socks each month to keep them fresh. Protect your feet with this month's sock pick: Sneaker Protection. Choose from five styles including sleek dress socks, funky tuxedo socks or crazy color dress socks. All come with reinforced toes and heels to stay comfortable during all day wear. Your sneaks will thank you!

Chapter 2 - Use em as slippers

One of our favourite memories as a child was being able to put on our dad's socks. The warmth would surround us like a blanket. We loved wearing them so much that we would refuse to take them off at bedtime. Dad would often find us asleep in his socks the next morning. To this day, we still enjoy wearing our dad's socks from time to time and even wear them as slippers if they are big enough!

Chapter 3 - Protect your socks

Socks are an integral part of any well-dressed man's wardrobe. They provide not only comfort but also warmth to your feet. A good pair can be worn year round - from winter to summer. However, in order to keep your socks in the best condition possible, it is important to take care of them properly by washing them regularly or purchasing a sock subscription service that will do it for you.

Chapter 4 - Learn a new skill

There are tons of fun sock subscription services that you can use to learn a new skill. My favorite is Philosockphy because they send me one pair each month. The best part is that I don't have to pick them out myself - it's like a gift every month! It takes away the stress of shopping for socks as well, which saves time and money!

Chapter 5 - Look on the bright side!

1. There are many fun socks for men to choose from!

2. It is always fun to wear different socks!

3. A sock subscription service can make a great gift!

4. Cool ankle socks are in style right now!

Chapter 6 - Peaceful pastimes

The best sock subscription service for men is Philosockphy. Why? Because they have a wide variety of fun socks to choose from, from cool crew socks to fun ankle socks. They also have a monthly sock subscription which offers a different type of sock each month. Sometimes you need that break from your busy life and thatâ€TMs when Philosockphy comes in handy!

Chapter 7 - Life lessons from Penn and Teller

Penn Jillette is a full-time writer, radio host, magician, and performer. Teller is a performance artist. They are partners in crime who have been performing together since 1975. They’ve written nine books on magic and card tricks as well as three novels; they starred in the Emmy Award-winning television show Penn & Teller: Bullshit! from 2003 to 2010; and they are currently in Las Vegas performing their longest running show P&T Variety Show at The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.

Chapter 8 - Dress up with argyle socks!

Argyle socks are great because they can go with just about any outfit. They're appropriate for work and play. The best part? They come in so many colors that you'll always have a pair to match your needs!