Philosockphy's Sock of the Month: Five Great Ways to Fold Your Socks

Philosockphy's sock of the month: Five Great Ways to Fold Your Socks

Don’t you hate it when your socks get all tangled up in your dresser? It’s so frustrating to have to pull out a handful of socks every time you need one. The solution, as it turns out, is actually incredibly simple!

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The Basic Fold

Step 1. Lay your sock flat with the opening at one end and the heel at the other.
Step 2. Fold the right side over onto itself so that it meets with the left side, forming a small rectangle shape with a small triangle on top.
Step 3. Line up this triangle on top with its partner on bottom (the triangle from step 2). They should line up perfectly!
Step 4. Then, fold both triangles inwards, so that they form an arrow shape pointing towards each other (it should look like an inverted U).

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The Roll

Philosophy's sock of the month club has you covered for all your socks needs. The Philosockphy sock subscription box offers a new pair of colorful ankle socks delivered every other month, or you can choose to have one best crew socks delivered monthly. You'll also receive bonus gifts like stickers and pins when you subscribe. When you subscribe, you'll get a pair of different cool mens socks in your first shipment. The next time that they ship out they will send a different pair, guaranteeing that your feet are always fresh and stylish!

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The Triangle

The Philosockphy Triangle is a three-step process for folding your socks in a way that maximizes space and minimizes wrinkles.
1) Take two matching socks and roll them into a tight bundle. 2) Put one sock on top of the other and fold it in half, as if you were going to put it in your shoe, but don't actually put it inside your shoe. 3) Carefully tuck each side over the others so they meet at one end of the sock bundle. 4) Tuck one end under and over, then tuck the other end over and under, making sure you keep both ends even with each other. 5) Slip both ends back inside your shoes.

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The Bundle

Philosockphy is a sock subscription service that delivers cool socks in a cute box. You can choose from either ankle socks or crew socks, and there are three monthly subscriptions to choose from: The Basic Bundle (1 pair of socks), The Fun Bundle (2 pairs), and The Awesome Bundle (3 pairs).
If you're looking for a gift for someone who loves fun socks, this is it! Philosockphsy also has an awesome customer service team that will help you customize your subscription if you have any special requests or needs.
In addition, Philosockphy offers an easy-to-use online platform with a calendar where you can see what they'll be delivering each month. And as always, each order ships with free shipping.

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The Heart

Do you have a sock drawer that looks like a twisted maze? Are your socks all over the floor? We've got you covered. At Philosockphy, we believe in keeping your life tidy and that includes your socks! That's why we decided to create our sock of the month Club. It comes with seven pairs of high quality, colorful ankle socks hand-picked by us and delivered right to your door each month. And because it's so much fun receiving a package each month, we'll throw in an extra pair just for good measure! Join today and get started on turning that chaotic sock drawer into something amazing!