Philosockphy's Sock of the Month: Cotton, New Wool or Cashmere?

Philosockphy's sock of the month: Cotton, New Wool or Cashmere?

What’s your sock philosophy? Where do you draw the line between comfort and fashion? Do you think that your socks should be comfortable, fashionable, or both? Philosockphy’s sock of the month will examine these and other questions in order to help you discover which material is best for your socks — cotton, wool or cashmere — as well as what styles, patterns, and colors are most suitable for your personality.

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The benefits of cotton

Cotton is the most common material for socks as it has a variety of benefits. It absorbs sweat and dries quickly so your feet stay dry and cool. It also reduces odor from bacteria which can lead to foot odor. Along with being breathable, cotton is durable and stretches which makes it ideal for everyday wear. Cotton is available in many different colors which means you can buy your favorite pair without having to worry about them wearing out too soon. The downside to cotton socks is that they may not last as long as other materials like wool but they are still economical enough that you'll get what you pay for in terms of value per wear!

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The benefits of new wool

New wool is a great material to use for socks because it's warm and soft. It also has a good amount of elasticity which means that it will fit comfortably around your feet. You can wear new wool socks all day without getting tired. Finally, new wool does not shrink in water which means that you don't have to worry about these socks shrinking when you wash them!


The benefits of cashmere

Cashmere wool socks are luxurious and warm. They're soft on your feet and come in many different colors. Plus, cashmere is a natural fiber that won't irritate sensitive skin like synthetic fibers can. If you're looking for a gift for someone who appreciates the finer things in life then cashmere socks are an excellent choice!


Which is best for you?

There are many sock subscriptions available and they're a great gift idea. They are also a fun way to get access to some awesome socks. But which is best for you? Some sock subscriptions may be best for you if you're looking for ankle socks but other sock subscriptions might be best for crew socks. We recommend that you review the company policies before subscribing to make sure it will work with your needs. If you need help deciding what type of subscription would work for you, our philosophy team has created a list below. Let us know what works well for you!