Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Club: What Does Your Sock Choice Say About You?


How do you choose your socks? Do you pick them out of necessity or with intentionality? Are they flamboyant and bold, or are they conservative and reserved? What does that say about you? Are you willing to take chances, or do you go with the tried-and-true, traditional sock choice? Whatever your philosophy regarding socks—and whatever your personal style—Philosockphy’s sock of the month club can help you find the perfect pair of socks for every day of the year.


Why Quality Matters

It is important to know what you are getting when you are subscribing to a sock club. Some socks feel rubbery, others are too thick and some just don't last. But at Philosocks we make sure that each pair is comfortable and made with high-quality materials so they will last for a while. Plus, our socks come in many different colors so there is something for everyone! We want your feet to look good and feel great all year long, which is why we have created different monthly sock subscriptions to suit your needs. No matter what style or color you are looking for, we've got you covered.


How Everyone Can Benefit from Monthly Socks

Menswear enthusiasts rejoice! Philosockphy has a sock club just for you. It comes with five pairs of socks each month, designed to make you look good and feel good on any occasion. Here are some benefits that men can expect from joining Philosockphy's sock of the month Club:
- fun socks for men
- cool mens socks
- crazy color dress socks
- Men ankle socks
- Best sock subscription
- best crew socks


The Benefits for Professional Athletes

Professional athletes have their own rigorous schedules to maintain. The best sock of the month club, Philosockphy, understands this and has designed a monthly subscription service that is specifically tailored to the needs of these hardworking individuals. The socks are comfortable and stylish, great for any occasion and will help you stand out in a crowd. They come in different colors so you can choose your favorite color each month or mix things up with two different colors each month. And if you happen to lose or wear out one pair, it's okay because your membership includes another set automatically sent to your door! No more hunting around for a new pair every few weeks!


Why Suck it up is Bad Advice

Suck it up. It’s a well-intentioned phrase, but it’s actually bad advice. It implies that toughing something out is the best solution and discourages people from seeking help.
It can be hard to admit when we need help, especially if we think admitting our weakness will cause others to judge us. However, there are many things that can be done to get past this fear—something as simple as joining an online support group or making a call to talk things through with a friend may be all it takes to feel more empowered and less alone in your struggles.


The Perfect Match

Need a gift for your favorite guy in your life? Pick up Philosockphy's sock of the month Club! Each month you'll receive a pair of awesome socks in one of three different sizes, for any occasion. There are 3 styles to choose from (cool socks, colorful socks or colorful ankle socks) and a range of colors to show off his style.


Choosing Well-Made Quality over Quantity

If you're looking for a gift for your dad, brother, or male friend, it may be time to give him something he'll really like. Get your hands on our sock club! We've got cool socks for men in all colors and sizes. Whether you're into fun dress socks or awesome socks club, we've got what you need. Our sock of the month club is hand-picked and made with high quality materials so you can be sure they'll last longer than a few wears. And with colors like mens purple ankle socks and mens colourful socks, these are some awesome socks that any guy would love to add to his collection!