Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Club: The Do's and Don'ts of No Show Socks


What are No Show Socks? Don’t let the name fool you; these socks will be in full view when you put them on and leave them on, from then until the moment you take them off. So why would you want to put them on? Because they’re comfy as hell, that’s why! And that’s exactly what Philosockphy thought when it created its sock of the month club, providing you with six pairs of comfortable no show socks each month to wear and enjoy without having to think about it again!


Do wear no show socks with...

1. Casual day outfits
2. Formalwear (Don't wear no show socks with this type of attire)
3. Athletic clothes or shoes (Do wear these socks with this type of clothing or footwear)
4. Sandals or flip-flops, but not both at the same time! (Do wear these socks with this type of shoe)
5. When it is raining outside, unless you are wearing a good rain boot over them!


Don't wear no show socks with...

...formal shoes, like oxfords or loafers. Formal shoes are designed to be worn with socks that cover your ankles. Wearing no show socks with formal shoes can cause wrinkles in your clothes and make you look sloppier than you intended.
...dress shoes for work. Most women wear dress shoes to work, so wearing no show socks with them is a bad idea because they won't hide any scuffs on your shoes from daily wear.
...any type of shoe without laces or an opening at the ankle. If you don't have an opening at the back of your shoe for your heel, then it's difficult to tuck in a sock--especially if it is as thin as no show socks are made today.


To conclude

Since they are so comfortable, socks are often overlooked as a gift. However, they make a perfect stocking stuffer! With so many awesome sock subscription clubs available today, it has never been easier to send someone socks every month or quarter. Plus, our socks are machine washable - just toss them in with your laundry! We have seen some cool fun socks for men on this list too which would be perfect for the guy in your life. You can even find some crazy color dress socks for women if you really want to spoil her! So what do you think? Will you be signing up for one of these sock subscriptions this year?


Keep calm and sock on!

Give dad a gift he will never forget, a great pair of socks! He can enjoy his new fun mens ankle socks all year long. Get him cool colorful socks or maybe even some purple ankle socks? He'll be in style without worrying about where to put his shoes when he takes them off. Plus, they are so comfy and make an awesome gift for any man on your list this holiday season.
Take care not to get these great gifts dirty by remembering to air dry them after each wear. They are worth the extra effort! And don't forget that you can always take care of them with a quick trip through your washing machine if necessary.