Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Club: The 4 Best Sock Subscription Boxes


A sock subscription box company called Philosockphy has been gaining quite a bit of popularity lately, and I wanted to take the opportunity to share my thoughts on them as well as other sock subscription boxes that are worth checking out if you’re looking to have some new pairs of socks delivered to your door every month! So, here’s my review of 4 best sock subscription boxes. I hope it helps! #1 on the list is the Philosockphy sock of the month Club, which offers 3 different kinds of membership plans...

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#1 - Legion Athletics

Legion Athletics' sock of the month club has been a very popular choice for men. They offer ankle, crew, and dress socks in a variety of colors and patterns. For example, they have cool mens socks with stripes or solid colors like navy blue or red. They also have colorful socks for men with cool design like bright pink polka dots on black or plaid pattern. Whether you're looking for fun socks for men, cool mens socks, or fun dress socks - this is your best bet!


#2 - Happy Socks

Founded in 2005, this company has taken up a new mission- to produce fashion footwear and accessories while simultaneously providing social welfare programs around the world. A donation is made for every purchase with a portion going towards poverty alleviation projects and sustainable development initiatives in countries such as Haiti, India, Ethiopia, and Guatemala.
It doesn't hurt that these socks are also some of the most stylish on the market! They come in vibrant colors to suit any taste. We love their striped ankle socks for men which will never go out of style.
We highly recommend checking out Happy Socks if you're looking for an awesome sock club!


#3 - Bombas

Bombas is a sock subscription service that sends you one pair of high-quality socks each month. These socks are designed to last, and they're made with proprietary arch support technology to keep your feet happy. They also have a guarantee--if you don't love your first pair, just send them back for a full refund. Bombas offers a monthly plan for $36 per month or an annual plan for $365 total (plus free shipping). That means you get 12 pairs in one year! If you're looking for fun men's ankle socks or cool socks for men, this may be your best bet.


#4 - Stance

Stance is the sock company that has been making a splash in this market for years, and for good reason. They have some of the most popular socks on their roster and offer them at great prices. Stance really understands what works in this market. They know that people want to express themselves with their socks and also want something that will be comfortable to wear all day long while they are working or relaxing. Stances selection is fantastic and they offer plenty of choices so you can find one you love quickly. Plus, they have really good customer service! If your not sure about how a pair will look on your foot before you buy it, just shoot them an email or call with your question and they will take care of it right away!
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