Philosockphy's Sock Of The Month Club Review: The Most Fun Way To Spruce Up Your Sock Drawer!

Now that summer’s over and fall has arrived, let’s be honest: we can all use an extra pair of socks around the house, right? I mean, you never know when it might get chilly at night or if your favorite pair starts to show wear and tear. The best way to ensure that you always have extra socks handy without having to make the drive to the store is to subscribe to a sock of the month club—and in this sock of the month Club Review, I’ll be exploring my experience with one such club, Philosockphy!

Why I decided to subscribe

I love socks and I'm always looking for new, fun pairs to add to my collection. I wanted a sock subscription that offered a wide variety of socks so I could get the most bang for my buck. Philosockphy was the perfect choice because they offer 12 different monthly deliveries and each month includes 7 pairs of ankle socks, 7 pairs of crew socks, and one pair of dress socks. Bonus points because they're all 100% cotton to keep your feet dry.

I've been really happy with Philosockphy so far. They have great customer service who are always happy to answer any questions that I have about their product or how it works. Shipping is fast too!

What came in the box?

1. Mens Purple ankle socks (Crew Length) I loved these socks right away because they were a great pop of color and the perfect length to wear with sneakers or dress shoes. They're also very soft, so they make a great gift for any guy in your life. 2. Mens Red ankle socks (Crew Length) These are the classic red ankle socks that every guy needs in their sock drawer. 3. Mens Red Ankle Dress Socks These dressy socks really bring out my blue suit pants and work well for my office attire, but are also fun enough to wear on a casual Friday night out on the town! 4.

How I felt about each sock

The first sock I received was a funky pair of orange and red striped crew socks with a G on the side. They were really fun to wear and I got a lot of compliments on them. The second time, I got some cool blue, red, green and purple ankle socks with a polka dot pattern on them. As for the third time, I got some nice looking navy blue dress socks that were striped white to match my suit. Overall, this is an excellent subscription service for men who are into colorful socks with lots of choices.

Do I recommend?

Do I recommend a sock of the month club? Yes, yes, and YES. If you're looking for fun socks for men, cool mens socks, or even just a gift that'll make your best friend feel extra special, this is the way to go. Philosocks has tons of awesome subscriptions to choose from--the choice is really up to your budget and personal preferences. Plus, they have some really great reviews in their Etsy shop if you're hesitant about giving them a try on your own. My personal favorite is their sock of the month club--it has all sorts of cool colors, patterns and styles (like fun dress socks!) so you never know what'll be coming through the mail next!

Final Thoughts

I think this is a great subscription for men who are looking for socks that are different than the boring black or brown ones that you might find in your drawer. Philosockphy has all the colors of the rainbow and more, so it would be hard to not find something that you like. You can also gift these socks to anyone and know they will love them.