Philosockphy's Sock Of The Month Club Review - Is It Worth It?


Philosockphy, a sock of the month club based in Fargo, North Dakota, ships members two pairs of designer socks each month and has been doing so since 2014. If you’re looking to up your sock game or want to treat yourself to something nice every now and then, you may be wondering whether Philosockphy’s sock of the month club is worth it—or if this review just tells you what you already know: it’s awesome!

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If you are looking for some original and fun socks

The Philosocks sock of the month club is an awesome socks club that sends out a new pair of socks every month to your doorstep. They have a range of fun and crazy color dress socks, cool crew socks and fun ankle socks that you can choose from. You'll never know what crazy color they will send next!

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If you have a sock fetish

The Philosockphy sock of the month club is one of the best sock subscriptions for men. I was lucky enough to receive a review pair for free and they were just as great as their other products. My favorite thing about them is that they are made from some of the most comfortable fabrics around, so these socks will be my go-to when I need something comfy and new to wear. I also really like that they come in a bunch of different colors, so there is always something unique to add to my collection every month. One downside though, is that if you buy more than one subscription at once, you have a chance of getting duplicates--so make sure to pay attention when ordering!

If you love fun themes and designs

If you love exclusive, limited-edition socks

If you want a gift idea