Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Club - Review

Philosockphy's sock of the month Club - Review

Philosockphy, the sock of the month club, offers one new pair of hand knit wool socks each month, which are mailed directly to your door. Here’s my review.

Personal Experience

I signed up for Philosockphy's sock of the month club and I'm already in love. They have fun socks for men, cool mens socks, and colorful socks for men--it all makes sense now. The coolest part is that they actually pick out the socks you get each month based on your preferences, so it really feels like they're just reading your mind!

Receiving The Package

The package came in a little box. I opened it up and found a neat little envelope with the socks inside. The first thing I noticed was that they were packaged so neatly and tidily, which is something I always appreciate in a company. There are six pairs of socks in total, one for each month! They are all different colors, which is perfect for anyone who likes to switch their sock style up every now and then! There were two pairs of purple ankle socks (my favorite), two green colored dress socks, two blue colored dress socks, one pair of red colored ankle socks, and one pink colored dress sock. One pair has an amazing goldfish pattern on them while another has an awesome geometric pattern.

Product Details and Quality

I was so excited when I saw that Philosockphy had started a sock subscription. The shipping is free for subscribers and there are always three different pairs of socks in each package. The company offers two different sock subscriptions: a six-month or 12-month plan, which can be cancelled at any time. If you don't want to purchase monthly, you can also buy one pair at a time. I received my first package this week and it contained three different pairs of socks: Purple ankle socks, colourful striped dress socks and green crew socks.

The quality was great on all three pairs. These are some unique designs that I haven't seen before that would make perfect gifts for men, or just something to brighten up your everyday wardrobe!

Customer Service

I had a great experience with Philosockphy and their socks. They are awesome at customer service, and they make sure to send you something that you're going to love. I received my first pair of socks in December, and they lasted me all the way through January, which is more than I could ask for from a sock. When I opened my package, I was delighted to find an awesome pack of socks for men! They were crazy colorful dress socks! The quality was awesome! And, because it's a sock subscription club, all my future packages will be sent directly to me every month like clockwork. The only downside is that some people will have issues with them being too small for their feet and others might not find them stylish enough.

Pricing Summary

Hey there, would you like to try Philosockphy? We'll send you a monthly package of awesome socks that we think you'll love. If you're not satisfied with your socks, we'll give you store credit for another pack or a refund! Check out our pricing table below for more information about how much it costs and what kind of socks you can expect.

My Final Opinion

I was surprised to find out that this sock subscription was for men only. I was excited to get my package and open it up, but then I found out that none of the socks were in my size. It seems like they have a lot of options in some sizes, but they need more variety if they want to stay competitive. Even though this company has some flaws, I think it is a really great idea and am looking forward to seeing how it develops over time.