Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Club: Our Sharpest Socks Yet


Starting this month, Philosockphy is introducing our new sock of the month club! Join today and we’ll send you the sharpest socks from our sock club each month. Here’s what you get when you join the club today

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A History of Firsts

Philosockphy is a sock company that first started in 2012. We spent three years perfecting our sizing, quality, and materials so that you could have the most comfortable socks possible. We then released our line of dress socks and followed up with more designs in 2016. On January 1st, we launched our sock subscription service for men, which comes with twelve pairs a year! This month we're sending out Sharpest philosocks yet like bestsellers Fun & crazy color dress socks or Crazy color Crew socks; it's never been easier to change your look with just a pair of socks.

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The Philosophy Behind it All

The Philosockphy team has been making some awesome socks for men - and they want to share them with you!
For a limited time, Philosockphy is offering our best sock subscription yet. The Philosockphy Crew.
This will be your chance to get our newest socks delivered monthly, so you can always have the freshest socks on your feet. Plus, you'll get a discount when you subscribe for three months or more! We're hoping this new offer will inspire you to make it a gift for that special man in your life - or just treat yourself!

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What are they made of?

The Philosockphy Socks of the Month Club is a monthly sock subscription club. Every month, they send you a fresh pair of socks. This month, they have come out with their sharpest socks yet! You'll never want to wear anything else. They're made from premium materials and are guaranteed not to slip or bunch up in your shoes like other brands do. They even offer discounts for bulk purchases so you can buy them for all your family members as well as friends and coworkers. Their mens ankle socks are awesome too! There are many different styles to choose from so that everyone in your household is happy with what they get every month!

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Where do they come from?

Owned and operated by a group of friends, Philosockphy is dedicated to making bold, fun socks for men (and women!). They're always looking for new ways to inject color into something that has typically been relegated to a dull and boring space. They believe that with their sharpest sock yet- their newest sock design- they've found something to break the mold!

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How many different ones can you get?

We've got our sharpest pair yet! Philosockphy offers a sock of the month club that sends you one awesome pair of socks every month, and they're all different. Mens purple ankle socks? Check. Fun men's ankle socks with a cool pattern? Check. cool mens socks for those days when you need to show off your muscles? Yep, we've got that too. And then there are our colorful ankle socks or even colorful dress socks for when work calls for something a little more formal. All of these styles and more can be found in our sock club, so make sure to check it out!