Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Club: Our Sharpest Socks Yet!

How do you like your socks? Super-sturdy with reinforced seams and no holes in sight? If so, you’re going to love the new sock of the month club from Philosockphy! We don’t mess around when it comes to our socks—we’ve been perfecting our sock design for over 15 years now, and we’re finally ready to unveil what we think are our finest pairs yet!

Why you should join

Want to give a gift that will be appreciated? Need some fun socks for the office or just want to keep your feet warm? Let us help you out. Philosockphy has an array of mens ankle socks, cool socks and great crew socks. The best sock subscription service on the market, we offer a sock club that is perfect for you, no matter who you are or what your tastes are. We offer all sorts of funky colors and interesting designs as well as classics and classic patterns. With Philosockphy you can find any kind of men's colored sock on our website and at affordable prices with our sock of the month Club. Join today!

How it works

Each month, you'll get a new pair of socks delivered straight to your door. It's like having a sock subscription, but for men. We send out a great pair of socks every month and it makes for an awesome gift idea or just something fun to do for yourself. You'll receive the best socks from our selection, some are crazy colorful like those funny crew socks or even those cool ankle socks that we've got in today. There are tons of designs to choose from- there are crazy color dress socks, cool mens socks and more. With this club there are no limits on how many months you want to sign up- you can stay as long as you want to be part of our monthly sock club!

What you get for your money

A sock subscription box is a gift that keeps on giving. We're proud to offer our Philosockphy socks club for people who love fun and colorful socks as much as we do. As with any subscription service, you'll be charged at the beginning of each month, but you can cancel anytime. You'll get two pairs of fun men's ankle socks (at least one will be purple) and all the joy that comes with them, delivered right to your door every month. And because we know sometimes a single pair isn't enough, we also send you a second pair for half-price so you can share your enthusiasm with friends or family members who might not have discovered us yet.

#1 awesome socks club

What you can expect

Mens socks are typically dull and boring, but not our sock club. We have a wide selection of colorful, fun and cool socks for men in different styles and types. From best crew socks to fun dress socks, we have them all. And with our sock club you get your new pair each month delivered right to your door for less than a single pair at any store. No more boring mens ankle socks or plain old crew socks from us!

Membership Value

What are you waiting for? Join our sock club today and get your first month absolutely free. Then, after that, we'll ship a fresh new pair of socks right to your door every month. And with more than 20 styles to choose from, you're sure to find something that suits your needs perfectly. Plus, it makes a great gift idea for any occasion!

Shipping information

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