Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Club - Our First Look

sock of the month Club is one of the more unique subscription box services that I’ve seen lately. As an avid sock fanatic and co-founder of Philosockphy, I have been looking to launch a sock subscription for quite some time now, so when I saw this, I knew we’d have to get in on this action! Philosockphy’s sock of the month Club aims to provide quality socks from around the world in order to expose subscribers to new sock styles while simultaneously supporting their local economies. So let’s see how it stacks up!

The Idea

The Philosockphy sock club is a monthly subscription that delivers a pair of socks to your door every month. They offer two types, one for women and one for men, both are $10 per month. Every month you get two pairs of socks. The men's option has a mix of patterns and colors while the women's option is all solid color options. We were sent our first package to review which included two pairs each of purple ankle socks and colorful dressy socks. For the most part they're cute and fun but we found they didn't fit well or stay up on our calves so it might not be the best gift idea for someone with bigger calves or larger feet.

The Delivery

I was excited to receive my first sock of the month club delivery. I love socks and I've been wanting to try a sock subscription for some time now. As soon as I opened it, there were six pairs of socks that I loved. There were two pairs of funky dress socks, two pairs of colorful ankle socks, one pair of funky mens crew socks and one pair of bold men's colored ankle socks. All six pairs are perfect for work or play and they'll go with all my outfits! The packaging is also great because you can use it to store your new arrivals or even gift them to a friend. It really feels like a special surprise every month!

The Packaging

This is a subscription service so you'll receive a package each month with new socks. This is not just any sock, but one that has been designed specifically for your needs. The packaging for this month was a box and it came in this pretty purple color which I liked. It was also easy to open with scissors or a knife. Inside the package, there were four pairs of awesome socks from Philosocksophy and they all looked great! The first thing I noticed about these socks was how soft they were which made me feel like I had already won at life because who doesn't love soft socks? When I put them on, they were not only comfortable but also stretchy and didn't slip off my feet which is always an issue when wearing men's ankle length socks.

The Boxes

Each month, we received a package in the mail with six pairs of socks and a little note. This is really one of the best sock subscriptions available because they have a great variety in colors and patterns, and it's an awesome gift for men. They are also really affordable. We recommend this sock club to any man who likes colorful socks!

The Quality

I really love these socks, I can't stop wearing them. The feel so soft and comfortable; it's like a little hug for your feet. And the color selection is great too, my favorite is The Dark Knight which is a very cool purple with batman on it. These are awesome socks that you need in your life!

Final Thoughts

We liked the socks from Philosockphy because they were different than what we had seen before. We also loved that each pair was a gift so it would be a surprise when opening them. If you are looking for fun, colorful socks for men, this is a great company to check out.