Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Club - A Review

Philosockphy's sock of the month Club - A Review

Do you want to receive great socks each month, without having to shop or think about it? If so, you might be interested in Philosockphy’s sock of the month Club . I’ve been a member for over three years now, and I can personally attest that it’s worth every penny! It’s the perfect solution for any man or woman who loves comfort, style, and interesting socks but doesn’t have the time (or interest) to research and buy them themselves. The only problem? They’re sold out of most sizes until May 2026.



I love getting packages in the mail. It is one of my favorite things to do, especially when it is a package full of fun socks! I was excited to be able to try out Philosocks and get some new socks delivered right at my doorstep! What a great feeling it was to open up my mailbox and find colorful sock packages inside. I always loved wearing ankle socks but never knew there were so many cool styles out there. The best part about these sock subscriptions is that they are perfect for men, women, kids, or just about anyone who loves wearing fun socks!
I loved everything about this company! Their website was easy to navigate and see all their different options for subscription plans as well as prices.


What is Philosockphy?

The Philosockphy is a subscription service that sends you awesome socks every month. They have a variety of styles and colors to choose from, and they even offer cool socks for men, fun dress socks, gift socks, crazy color dress socks for women and more. You can subscribe for one month at $10 or three months at $26.


How does it work?

I am so excited to be reviewing Philosocks, a sock subscription company with different subscriptions to choose from. They send you fun and colorful socks every month! I got the ankle socks, which are perfect for wearing with slacks. The best part is that they offer different styles for men and women too! For men, there are crew socks in bright colors like red and blue, or dark navy and gray. For women, there are dress socks in fun colors like pink and purple to match any outfit. Whether you want cool mens socks or colorful dress socks for women, Philosocks has it all! One of my favorite things about this company is how many choices they have. There is something for everyone! The best part?


What do you get?

This is a monthly sock subscription that sends you a different pair of socks in every box. They are always ankle length, and come in awesome colors and patterns. I got some cool funky colorful socks which is not what I expected but these are so much fun! Some might like this, but for me it was just too colorful.
I also got some crew height purple ankle socks which would be great for formal events or when you have to dress up for work. The best part is that they are all men's sizes which means they fit me great!
Overall, this was a pretty good subscription service with lots of variety and color options.


How much does it cost?

Philosophy's socks are fun and colorful. They're perfect for wearing with your favorite dress shoes. They come in two sizes, regular and big. The best thing about their sock of the month club is that it doesn't cost a lot. You can get six pairs of their ankle socks for only $15! Plus, you'll get free shipping on any order over $20!


What are the pros and cons?

Some of my favorite socks were from Philosockphy and I am looking forward to getting a second shipment soon! The pros for the sock subscription are that you can get fun, colorful socks delivered monthly. Plus, they are designed with different types of stripes so they're still great quality. The cons would be that it doesn't include crew-length socks. Overall, this is a pretty awesome service and is something every guy should try out.


Would I recommend it?

I would absolutely recommend this sock subscription to anyone who is looking for a fun and affordable way to add some variety to their sock collection. They have the best crew socks, best ankle socks and the coolest mens ankle socks. The colors are so vibrant and they offer a wide variety of colors and styles. This sock subscription has cool, funky patterns that my dad would love!



In my opinion, Philosockophy's sock of the month club is one of the best sock subscriptions I have seen. They offer a wide variety of styles and colors. You can choose whether you want to receive ankle socks or crew socks. Their socks are high quality and they really care about their customers' needs. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for some fun, colorful socks!