Philosockphy's Sock Of The Month Club: A New Way To Appreciate Your Socks


Of all the clothing items you wear every day, it’s likely your socks are the most underappreciated. Do you ever just grab whatever pair you find in your sock drawer and put them on without thinking twice about them? If this sounds like you, then it’s time to open up your horizons to the world of sock appreciation with Philosockphy’s sock of the month Club.

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Socks are underrated

Socks are often over looked and taken for granted. We wear socks every day, but they're usually just an afterthought when we get dressed. That is until they start to smell bad or wear out. But, it doesn't have to be that way! Our sock of the month club offers a fun way to appreciate your socks and keep them in good condition for longer. Each month you'll receive a new pair of colorful socks with a different theme-- from crazy color dress socks, cool socks for men, cool mens socks, colorful socks for men and more-- so you can change things up on the regular. Plus, being part of the club helps us support small businesses too-- because we work with artisans all around the world who make each pair by hand.

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Why must we appreciate our socks more?

In our daily lives, we spend a lot of time in socks. Our feet are either covered by them or they're tucked away at the bottom of our closet as we wear shoes. But there are so many beautiful socks out there that deserve to be worn! Whether they're the best crew socks or just plain fun men's ankle socks, it doesn't matter! What matters is that you appreciate your socks more than you do now. You'll feel happier and enjoy life more when you don't let your socks go to waste!

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Meet Phil, owner of Philosockphy!

Phil is the owner and founder of Philosockphy, a sock subscription service for men. Phil started the company in April 2016 with a desire to bring something new and exciting to the sock world. He came up with Philosockphy as a way to help people appreciate their socks and give them an opportunity to wear different socks every month. We wanted to create a fun experience that would encourage people who love wearing socks, but also want to try new designs, he says.
In October 2016, Phil launched his sock club for mens ankle socks, which features four pairs of colorful or patterned dress or casual socks delivered monthly. The service includes international shipping, making it possible for anyone from anywhere in the world to sign up!

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Philosophy behind the sock club

We're not just another sock company. We make socks that are worth wearing and we want to share them with the world. Our philosophy is that socks should be fun, colorful, and comfortable--all at the same time! That's why we've created a sock subscription club that you can subscribe to for yourself or as a gift for your favorite man in the world. With Philosockphy's monthly sock of the month club, you'll receive one pair of new socks every month from our collection of awesome socks for men. No one wants boring old white tube socks anymore!

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How does it work?

At Philosockphy, we think that socks are a simple way to feel good. We offer the perfect gifts for men with our monthly sock subscription service. We send the gift of socks each month, with a different theme each time. Our mens purple ankle socks and other fun and colorful socks are perfect for any man in your life.
1) Sign up for our monthly sock subscription service 2) Receive a package of awesome socks every month 3) Look forward to opening and wearing your new fun dress socks, best ankle socks and awesome gift sock box every time!


Other perks from being a member

- Free shipping on all orders in the USA and Canada
- 6 new pairs of socks delivered to your door every month.
- Mens colorful socks that are sure to spice up any outfit.
- 15% off all other Philosockphy products.
- Get a free Philosockphy sock when you sign up!


Membership Pricing & Options

We have seven different pricing tiers so everyone can have a fun, colourful sock of the month club. Our most popular plan is the awesome socks club, which includes six pairs of quality socks delivered to your door each month for $39.99 plus shipping and handling. For our Canadian friends, we also offer a monthly sock club with free shipping and handling for $49.99 CAD that includes 6 pairs of quality socks from brands like Stance, Icebreaker, Merrell, Darn Tough, X-socks and more!