Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Club: 5 Reasons You Should Give Up Sex and Devote Your Life to Cute Socks


As the editor of Philosockphy’s sock of the month Club, I think people should know that there are other ways to find happiness in life besides sex. That’s why we only send out socks in our monthly subscription packages. If you want cute socks every month without the added pressure of having to sleep with someone, then we’re perfect for you! Check out our site today to learn more about how great life can be without sex! Click here to subscribe now!


1) Why socks are better than sex

Socks are cute. They come in all sorts of colors, patterns, and sizes. Plus, socks are really easy to clean! Our sock subscriptions give you great quality socks every month at an affordable price. If you're not a fan of our monthly subscription service, you can also buy socks one pair at a time. Our socks make great gifts for friends or family too! They're always thoughtful and they'll never forget your gift because they get so many compliments on their new socks!


2) What kind of socks should I buy?

This is an excellent question! There are so many socks out there, it can be hard to know where to start. We like cool, fun, colorful socks for men, but that doesn't mean you need only one type. If you are looking for a quick gift for a loved one or friend, our sock of the month club is perfect. It includes a variety of awesome ankle socks in different colors and patterns each month (plus some other goodies!) And if you're not quite ready to commit? Check out our gift socks section with some awesome choices.


3) How to wear cute socks

Don't be fooled by our name. Our Philosophy is that everyone should wear socks. And we mean everyone, not just women. So whether you're a male or female, looking for a great gift for your man, or in the market for some new socks yourself, Philosockphy has got you covered with a wide selection of colors and styles!
But what if you don't know what kind of socks are good? Our suggestion is to start with some basics like crew socks or fun dress socks. These have been some of our best sellers so they're sure to please no matter who you give them to! If you're looking for something more colorful, try some crazy color dress socks or funky colored crew socks.


4) Where can I find cute socks?

You can find socks for all occasions at Philosockphy. If you're looking for something fun, we have a subscription service that will send you a new pair of awesome socks every month. Whether it be ankle socks, crew socks, or colourful dress socks, our sock club has got you covered. We also have an assortment of cool men's ankle socks and some fun mens ankle socks available in store. So if you're looking for some new additions to your sock drawer or just want some nice conversation starters, check out our selection today!


5) How can you keep your feet warm in winter without shoes?

Some people think that the best way to keep your feet warm in winter without shoes is by using a space heater or even a radiator. This is not true. The best way to keep your feet warm in winter without shoes is by using socks!
This may sound like a strange idea, but it actually works wonders. By wearing two pairs of socks, your feet will be warmed up in no time at all. Trust us, we've done it many times before!