Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Club: 10 Tips for Wearing No Show Socks

Philosockphy's sock of the month Club: 10 Tips for Wearing No Show Socks

You can wear no show socks with many different shoes, but the most common shoe to wear them with are high-top sneakers. If you prefer to wear more formal styles of footwear, that’s great too! Just make sure that the socks don’t go above your ankle bone; this will keep them hidden from view and thus, keep your look sleek and stylish. Here are ten tips that you should use when wearing no show socks in order to prevent blisters and stains on your shoes. 1) Make sure you get the right size socks! 2) Use moisturizer or lotion before putting your socks on!

Buy Quality

Philosockphy offers a sock subscription service that sends you 6-8 pairs of socks every month. You get a new pattern, style or color each and every month! We'll send you socks that are not only in line with your personal style, but are also guaranteed to make you feel good about yourself. This way, wearing no show socks is always a treat and never an obligation. So if you're looking for cool socks for men, fun dress socks or just want to spice up your everyday look with our crazy color dress socks, we've got something just right for you.

1) Cool Men's Socks In this day and age it's hard to find mens ankle socks in a variety of colors and styles that go beyond boring old black and white.

Choose Comfortable Materials

gift socks are a great way to show someone you care, so make sure that what you choose is comfortable. Crew socks are perfect because they're thin enough to wear with most shoes and they stay up well. If you're looking for something more fun, try ankle socks or colorful socks. With an awesome sock club like Philosockphy's sock of the month Club, it can be easy to stay updated on styles and trends every season.

Keep it Clean

It's not a secret that wearing no show socks is a trend. The best way to get into the fashion mindset is to understand what it takes to wear this particular sock with style. If you are thinking about purchasing a pair, it is important to know how they work and what you need to do in order to make them work best for your wardrobe. Here are some tips from Philosockphy, one of the best sock subscription services around!

1) When purchasing no show socks, it is important that they have grips on the bottom so that they will stay up on your leg and not slide down into your shoe or off your heel like other types of socks 2) For no show socks, there should be less fabric exposed than with traditional ankle socks.

Ditch Conventional Toe Boxes

Wearing no show socks with a formal outfit is tricky. The best way to wear no show socks is by rolling them down to the ankle and tucking them into your shoe. This look may take some getting used to, but it will work in any situation. Try out this new sock trend and ditch conventional toe boxes!

Use an Eyelet Holes for Added Comfort

When you purchase a pair of socks, it is important to know how you will be wearing them. If you wear your socks inside your shoes and with closed-toe shoes, then ankle length no show socks are best. If you do not wear socks with closed-toe shoes or if you like to wear your socks outside your shoe, then crew length no show socks are best. Crew length no show socks also offer an extra layer of protection from blisters by covering the heel and toes where rubbing can happen most often.

Avoid Skin Irritation

One way to avoid skin irritation is to wear no show socks with your shoes. This will protect your feet, as well as your shoes. Plus, it can even help you avoid foot odor because you're not rubbing sweat and bacteria against your skin when you go sockless in hot weather or when wearing dress shoes.

Another way to avoid skin irritation is by washing your feet before putting on new socks. If you're in a hurry, try using a baby wipe to quickly clean up any spills and icky things on your feet that could potentially cause an infection if left unchecked. You also want to make sure that you're wearing cotton socks, preferably ones made from natural fibers like cotton or wool so they don't irritate sensitive skin too much either.

Wash with Care, Air Dry

The first thing to know about no show socks is that you should wash them with care. A common mistake is to throw them in the dryer, which can lead to pilling and fading. It's best to air dry your socks at a low setting so they don't shrink or stretch out too much.

The second thing you should know about wearing no show socks is how to put them on. This might seem obvious, but it can be a bit tricky if your feet are damp from sweating or water (which is also why I recommend that you air dry your no-show socks). Start by slipping your foot into one sock, then pull up gently until it reaches just below your ankle bone. Then repeat with the other sock.

Layer with Tights in Winter and Open-Toed Shoes in Summer

Some men may not like wearing socks, but there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, in winter it can be a good idea to layer with tights or leggings and wear no show socks. This will keep your feet warm and your shoes from getting wet when you walk through puddles. In summer, guys can wear open-toed shoes with no show socks. This is great because you don't have to worry about smelly feet!

Invest in Unique Patterns and Colors that Motivate You

Getting a new pair of socks each month from Philosockphy is a great way to keep your wardrobe fresh, but you want to choose colors and patterns that motivate you. You can get away with wearing the same color pattern day after day, but if you're feeling unmotivated and uninspired, switch it up. We've got dozens of colors and patterns that will make your mornings better. Choose fun socks for men like bright reds, oranges, blues, purples or wear ankle socks in navy blue or brown to go with every outfit.