Philosockphy's Sock of the Month: 5 Great Ways to Fold Your Socks

Philosockphy's sock of the month: 5 Great Ways to Fold Your Socks

There are as many ways to fold socks as there are different types of people in the world, but some methods tend to be more reliable than others. Here are 5 great ways to fold your socks so they don’t get tangled while you’re putting them away in your sock drawer!


1) The Flip

The Flip is perfect for someone who can't decide between a variety of socks. We'll choose 4 pairs and send them to you monthly. Our socks come in a variety of colors, patterns, sizes, and lengths so that there is something for everyone. Plus, our socks are made with the highest quality materials so they will last longer than most other socks on the market.


2) The Half Flip

The Half Flip is a unique and interesting way to fold your socks. To do this, place the front half of one sock on top of the back half of another, then fold them over once so they form a neat loop. This way, you'll be able to see both colors in one stack!
The Half Flip is also an excellent option for gifts or as a stocking stuffer. You could even have one sent out every month as part of a sock-of-the-month subscription! If you like men's socks, check out our latest club for cool ankle socks for guys called Philosockphy's sock of the month Club.


3) The Z-Fold

The Z-Fold is a great way to fold your socks because it creates a nice little bundle for storage. To do this, lay the socks flat on top of one another and place them at an angle, so that they form a Z. Then fold the ends in opposite directions. This will create a neat little bundle and is perfect for shorter socks. If you have tall socks, then check out the next way to fold your socks...
The Knuckle-to-Knuckle Fold is best if you have taller socks because it will allow you to pull up on each sock and it won't get twisted or wrinkled while being stored. To do this, grab two pairs of matching colored socks and stack them on top of one another with their toes touching.


4) The Loop Over & Through

This is one way that many people fold their socks. It is a very simple but quick way to get your socks organized by color. This method works for those who have only a few pairs of socks. One thing you might want to do before getting started with this method is make sure you have plenty of room on your floor or table.
To start, lay out all your socks in front of you and arrange them by color.


5) The Three In One

Fold your socks in three different ways for a one-of-a-kind sock.
1) The Straight Fold - This fold is best used with a pack of two or more pairs. 2) The Diagonal Fold - This is probably my favorite way to fold socks. It provides a more satisfying end result and it may be preferable if you're using dress socks or crazy color socks. 3) The Jewelry Box Fold - I like this fold because it's really simple and straightforward, perfect for when you want something really basic but still want your socks to look neat and tidy. Plus, this wrap is perfect for cool mens socks that have some extra flair on them like color stripes, ribbing or fun patterns on them.