Philosockphy: The Sock of the Month Club's Guide to Life Hacks with Socks

Philosockphy: The sock of the month Club's Guide to Life Hacks with Socks

If you haven’t already heard about Philosockphy, it’s time you did! It is the monthly sock subscription club that will change the way you use socks forever! For those of you unfamiliar with Philosockphy, we offer one pair of men’s, women’s or kids’ cotton/novelty socks delivered to your door each month at an affordable price. Every month we will also send our clients a new life hack with one of the sock designs we ship you each month. Socks are not just for your feet anymore!

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Use socks as dust cloths

Dust is a tricky thing to get rid of, and sometimes dust cloths just don't cut it. This is where socks come in handy. They're super soft, so they won't damage your surfaces and you can use a lot more than one without worrying about running out! Plus, they make for cute decorations when you're done!
#1. Put on some gloves and roll up your sleeves. #2. Fill your sink up with warm water. #3. Grab a handful of socks (4-5). #4.


Prevent sliding with socks

The best way to prevent sliding is by wearing socks on your feet. Crazy, right? ankle socks are perfect for any occasion, whether you're going out in a skirt or pants. Not only will they keep your feet warm, but they'll also keep your shoes from getting scuffed or dirty while on the go. Some people might even call them life hacks with socks.


Protect your valuables with socks

One of the many benefits that come with joining a sock subscription service is that your socks will protect your valuables. This is because you are less likely to leave socks behind than, say, an expensive jacket. Furthermore, socks can be quite durable and some can even stand up to water damage which is beneficial for people who love to wear their shoes in the rain. In addition, socks are perfect for storing small items such as coins or other valuables like jewelry. If you're traveling by plane and you're not allowed to bring liquids on board then socks provide a viable option for packing your liquid toiletries like shampoo and conditioner. Finally, they provide protection from things like insects or glass so they're great in outdoor settings like camping!


Get a better grip on things with socks

It can be hard to keep up with life. There are so many things to do and so little time in which to do them. This is where socks come in. Well, not just any socks. crazy color dress socks, fun dress socks, and fun men's ankle socks will help you get a better grip on things!
They're more than just clothes that keep your feet warm and dry. They can also be used as a part of your daily routine, such as when you need some extra grip for tying your shoes or when you want to use one as a bookmark in your favorite book!
These are just some examples of how you can use this seemingly mundane item for something new and interesting.

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Up your hygiene game with socks

It may sound ridiculous at first but socks have a multitude of uses that are often overlooked. They can be used as a washcloth, a towel, or even protection from dirty floors. And did you know that some sock companies offer free shipping? Lucky for you, Philosockphy is one such company and we're here to tell you about our cool socks for men and colorful socks for men.


Keep your feet warm with socks

crazy color dress socks are one of my favorite types. They go perfectly with a nice pair of flats or sandals and help keep my feet warm in the winter time. I love how they come in a variety of colors, so you can coordinate them with your outfit. If you're not into crazy color socks, there are fun men's ankle socks that also come in different colors like purple, blue and green. This is also great if you want to give someone a gift that they'll actually use!
If you're looking for some new ankle socks, we have just what you need! Our sock subscription is an awesome choice because it comes monthly and includes brightly colored cool crew socks for men like pink and green.


Use socks as a fashion statement

The Philosockphy team is here to show you how you can use socks sensibly. We like to call it The sock of the month Club which is perfect for those who are looking for awesome sock subscriptions that they'll love. If you're interested in ankle socks, colorful socks, or any other type of sock, there's a color and style that will suit your needs. There are also fun mens socks if you're looking for something less formal than dress socks. And don't forget about cool men's colorful ankle socks which are always a hit when paired with an outfit.


Give your old clothes new life with socks

The best sock subscription gifts in the world are socks. What is better than being able to give a sock subscription, which can be tailored to fit any age group or budget? You can get one month, three months, six months or twelve months. They'll never want for socks again! With a sock subscription gift, you can choose from a variety of colors and styles depending on your budget and preference. Is there an upcoming birthday? Graduation? Father's Day? Christmas? Birthdays are always fun when you give someone their favorite color dress socks as a gift! Dads also love awesome socks club subscriptions - especially if they're into cool mens ankle socks.


Socks make great gifts!

Do you have someone on your holiday shopping list who has been tough to buy for? Worry no more! A sock subscription is the perfect gift for any occasion. With a sock subscription, you'll be giving them a gift every month and they won't know what they're getting until it arrives in their mailbox. Plus, there are so many fun socks out there today - from crazy color dress socks and colorful ankle socks to mens purple ankle socks and cool mens socks - that this will give them something new to wear each day! What better way to pamper someone than with a sock subscription?