Philosockphy: The Sock of the Month Club You Didn't Know You Needed


If you’ve never heard of Philosockphy, the sock of the month club, that’s probably because this innovative startup has just begun shipping out their first monthly packages to their eager customers. But what is Philosockphy exactly? And why are some people saying it could be one of the most important business ideas to come out of the U.S. in recent years?

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But what about the price?

The best sock subscription boxes for men provide you with a curated collection of socks for a flat, low price. For only $14 per month, you get five pairs of socks from brands like Happy Socks, Argyleculture and J.Crew Factory in each box.
You'll be shocked by what you didn't know about socks!

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But I don’t like fun socks...

But if you're a die-hard conservative, that's okay too! Philosockphy offers a wide variety of socks to suit your needs. We offer socks for men with purple ankles, as well as stylish and colorful options for dress or casual wear. And even if you don't like fun socks for men, we offer many other options including crazy color dress socks and cool ankle socks.

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My family doesn’t want socks.

I've been a member of Philosocks for a year now, and I'm still getting used to my family's reaction to it. My sister-in-law lives out of state so she doesn't know about my Philosocks shipments and I keep forgetting to tell her. One day, she asked me if I had any gifts for her kids on their birthdays and when I said yes, she was surprised to hear that they were all socks. Why socks? She thought those were things you only got as a gag gift or something. But then she saw the cool socks for men from Philosocks and said now those are worth celebrating!
I try not to care too much about how society views my sock giving habits.

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Thanks, but I don’t need socks.

Every month, I receive a package containing not only new socks, but also a new pair of shoes. It's like Christmas every month! But what are these socks? What is this club? Who is sending me these packages? Let me tell you all about my newest obsession. Philosockphy is a sock of the month club for men that sends fun, colorful socks to your door each month. All you have to do is fill out a questionnaire about what style and color socks you would like and they will be there waiting for you in your mailbox with lots more surprises in tow. For example, I always look forward to receiving my Philosocks box because it always contains a new pair of shoes!

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Ok, let me think about it.

Every month, you'll receive a new pair of socks from one of our carefully curated sock themes. Every sock is designed with comfort in mind and is guaranteed to make your feet feel great. Whether you want cool men's ankle socks or fun dress socks, we've got you covered! Our monthly sock club is the gift that keeps on giving. Your feet will thank you.
Start your membership with a set for yourself and another as a gift for someone special!