Philosockphy: The Sock of the Month Club for Heroes


A few months back, I received a mysterious package in the mail. When I opened it up and pulled out an envelope, I immediately knew who it was from - my cousin! When I opened the envelope, inside was a letter addressed to me and the rest of my family, along with some socks... some really cool looking socks. The letter told us that this was the first month of our new sock club: Philosockphy Sock Club - where heroes wear Philosocks!


Introducing Philosockphy

Do you want to make a statement with your socks? Then sign up for Philosockphy, our sock of the month club. We're more than just a sock subscription service. Your feet will thank you.
Philosocks are made to be fun and stylish, but also comfortable enough to wear all day long. Our socks come in a wide range of styles and color combinations so you can stand out or fade into the background, depending on how you feel that day. With our sock plan, you'll never have to worry about what socks go with what again!
We offer men's purple ankle socks, mens colorful socks, mens colourful socks, mens ankle socks and more in sizes from small through extra large because we know not all heroes wear capes!


Who Can Join

A hero is someone who risks their own safety to help others. This month, you can be a hero by joining our Philosockphy sock of the month club and gifting a little luxury. For only $10 per month, you can get a monthly pair of socks that are guaranteed to make your feet happy. We have ankle socks, dress socks, crew socks and more in tons of different colors and styles. Some are made from cotton while others from synthetic materials like nylon or wool. But all are designed to keep you comfy and looking good no matter what you're wearing them with. Whether it's a gift for your dad or something fun for yourself, Philosockphy will put some fun back into your wardrobe without breaking the bank!


What is included in my first shipment?

Your first shipment from Philosockphy includes 12 pairs of socks, four each in two different styles. One style is a crew and the other is an ankle. In your first shipment you'll find crazy color dress socks, cool ankle socks, fun mens socks, and best crew socks. Your first subscription may also include a fun gift to go along with your new sock collection!


What are the costs?

The price is $10-$12 a month, and you get two pairs of high-quality socks (one dress, one casual) with every shipment. We also have a hero package with three pairs of awesome socks as well as a gift package with one pair.
Pricing starts at $10 per month and includes two pairs of great quality socks (1 casual, 1 dress). You can also order our Hero Package ($24) which comes with 3 pairs or our Gift Package ($12), which comes with just 1 pair.
We offer monthly subscriptions, or you can order an individual sock. Shipping is always free in the U.S., but we offer international shipping too!

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What else should I know?

What is Philosockphy?
-An awesome sock club that is monthly, but you can skip anytime you want. -Each month, we'll give you 3 pairs of socks to wear to show off your personality. -We have men's and women's socks so you can get a sock subscription for dad or mom as well! -You're not just getting socks, though. Every month we'll include a little treat in each package like a keychain or tie clip. What could it be this month?
Why should I subscribe to Philosockphy?
-Socks are always good to have on hand because they make such great gifts for friends, family members, and even yourself!

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How do I join?

1) Click on subscribe now.
2) Select a plan.
3) Fill out your information and click continue.
4) Confirm your order with PayPal.
5) Sit back and enjoy the benefits of being a Philosockphy member!


Can’t wait to share this with everyone!

The Philosockphy sock club is a sock subscription service that will send you an array of socks each month to your doorstep. They come in a variety of patterns and colors, so whether you're looking for fun socks to wear at work or colorful ankle socks to show off your personality, this is the perfect place to find them!