Philosockphy: The Sock of the Month Club – 5 Great Ways to Fold Your Socks

Philosockphy: The sock of the month Club – 5 Great Ways to Fold Your Socks

Paraphrasing the great philosopher Plato, there are more than a few ways to fold socks, but these are five of the best methods that you can try out today. The Philosockphy sock of the month Club is the premier sock subscription service that provides you with a new pair of socks each month! Feel free to mix and match from this list to find your personal favorite. And if you don’t have enough socks yet to start your own Philosockphy sock of the month Club, check out some of our other featured sock subscriptions on our homepage!

Strategy #1 - the chopsticks

If you're looking for something a little more fun, grab a pair of chopsticks and fold your socks like so. You'll get two pairs in one!

1. Start with a pair of chopsticks, crossed over each other. Slide your socks over the sticks. 2. Tuck one sock into each side, then wrap it around and tuck it back into its partner on the opposite side. 3.

Strategy #2 - the tower

When you’re in a hurry and need to find something, it can be hard. That’s why our socks are so neatly stacked by color. (1) We use a neat tower that is easy for you to see what you want when you know what you want. (2) It also saves space so that your dresser isn’t cluttered with every sock in the house! (3) Plus, we use fun colors that make your day brighter. (4) There’s no better way to start a day than with a smile and colorful socks on! (5) We have a monthly sock subscription where we send 3 pairs of mens socks each month for only $14!

Strategy #3 - one foot forward

ankle socks are a trendy yet versatile sock, which can be matched with just about any outfit. They're perfect for sports and leisure activities too, since they keep your feet comfortable as you run or wear them casually.

If you're tired of your plain old white ankle socks, try one of these fun ankle sock styles for men instead!

#1 Lace ankle socks - This style has a lace texture on top and a smooth texture on bottom. These socks will add some spice to your dresser without being too flashy or over-the-top.

#2 Crazy Color ankle socks - If you're looking for bold but subtle colors, these are great options!

Strategy #4 - sock bunting

If you are looking for a fun and unique gift for a man in your life, consider giving them their own sock subscription! Not only will they get a new pair of socks each month, but they can also choose from a variety of different styles and colors. That way, every time they put on their socks there will be something new to look forward to! This is an especially great idea for men who need dress socks for work or formal events. One company that offers this service is Philosockphy. For example, one monthly package includes four pairs of colorful socks in reds, oranges, blues and greens which are sure to please any guy with a love for bold colors.

Strategy #5 - color block

If you're looking for a great way to keep your socks from getting mixed up, then this is it. First, lay out all your socks so that they're in one row, and then stack them up in pairs. One sock will be on top of the other with the same color on top and bottom. This way you'll know where each one is!