Philosockphy Socks - Keep Calm and Wear This

Philosockphy Socks - Keep Calm and Wear This

Sock subscriptions are one of the most popular new trends in subscription boxes these days and with good reason. If you love socks, getting a new pair delivered to your door every month can be an exciting treat (and bonus if you’re on the lookout for new style ideas). sock of the month Club has an amazing selection of sock subscriptions to choose from - whether you’re looking for no-show socks, quirky cartoon socks, or colorful stripe socks, they have you covered! And if you want something more than just socks, why not sign up for their Knit Kit?

They are simple

They stay up, don’t slip down your heel, have a touch of elastic in them for comfort, are super soft and made from high quality fabrics to last. Basically perfect for every day wear. They are crazy comfortable and just make you feel good. How many pairs of socks do you own? What does that say about your life? You need more than one pair of socks... Get Philosockphy Socks!

They are fun

Philosockphy socks are sure to make you stand out in a crowd. The fun, colorful designs make these an eye-catching addition to any sock drawer. Their great design will keep your feet happy while wearing them, too! This brand is made of soft cotton that won’t irritate your skin no matter how long you wear them. And when they start looking worn, just toss them in with a load of laundry on normal or gentle cycle and they’ll come out looking like new again!

They have personality

Philosockphy socks feature a fun, quirky design that will turn any ordinary outfit into something extraordinary. We have a large selection of unique sock designs, from cool animal print socks to quirky footies with words like: Keep calm, I love fashion. Our collections give you lots of options for stylish comfort; buy a pair for yourself or someone special today! Not only are our products comfy, but they also look great on your feet. With high-quality stitching and materials made from organic cotton, Philosockphy is always ready to turn your feet into works of art! Whether you want socks to match your unique style or just some cute foot warmers to make cold days a little more bearable, Philosockphy has what you need!

They have good colors

Working in an office is stressful for many people. It can be difficult to relax, especially when you have a stack of deadlines looming over your head. That’s why it’s so important to make work as enjoyable as possible. And there’s no easier way to lighten up a space than with bright colors, which can even boost productivity by 12%. Luckily, Philosockphy socks come in hues of yellow, orange, pink and more. They can liven up any outfit without looking garish—and they also happen to be comfortable. These colorful socks keep our feet warm during long work days (they help circulate blood and prevent swelling), but are also soft enough that we forget we have them on once we start typing away on our keyboards!

They make you smile

Humor is key to showing your true personality through social media. When you wear a pair of Philosockphy Socks, you’re letting people know that you don’t take yourself too seriously—you can laugh at yourself. At their core, Philosockphy socks are designed to bring people together through laughter and humor, so there’s something for everyone: whether they wear them ironically or not.

You can wear them with anything

Our high quality socks are thick enough to wear with boots in cold weather, but they’re breathable enough to wear with sandals. They are made out of a cotton/polyester blend that’s both silky soft on your feet and durable for long-lasting wear. You can even machine wash them, so don’t worry about getting them dirty or leaving scuff marks on your furniture or floors. Choose from a variety of colors ranging from classic black to bright purple! Why stress? Use Philosockphy socks! Our products make great gifts for any occasion, including birthday presents, Christmas stocking stuffers, holidays, graduations and more! Check out our full line of Philosockphy products today!

The people who made them are cool too.

A lot of people have a stereotype about startup founders being hard-working, driven, workaholics. We'll admit that most of us fall into that category. But we also have fun too! After all, it's important to not take life too seriously, especially when you're young. There's no better way to relieve stress than to laugh a little with your friends and family. PhiloSocks has awesome designs inspired by some of our favorite places around campus and in Cambridge, like MIT Museum or Kresge Auditorium.

It’s way more expensive to be boring than it is cool.

Let’s face it. We all want to be cool. Many of us strive to live cool, look cool, be liked by our peers, be part of a group...or even lead one. Life is full of trends and fads—all designed to help us find a connection with our friends, family members or colleagues—or perhaps just to make ourselves feel good. Whatever your motivation for wearing Philosockphy socks (and trust me, there are hundreds), these okwlmoe ese a&q o xni hgclp?r/<> bKN