Philosockphy: Sock of the Month Subscriptions - Which One is Right For You?

Philosockphy: sock of the month Subscriptions - Which One is Right For You?

What’s the sock of the month club? If you don’t know, then you’re in for quite a treat! Today, we’ll talk about different companies that offer this service and how it can be used in your life (as an avid sock lover), as well as how you can use it as a present to any sock-loving loved one in your life. And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the giveaway!

Testing The Market

I tried two different sock subscriptions to see which one would be best for me and my lifestyle. After a month, I was still undecided so I switched to a third company in hopes that it would provide me with more clarity. The first sock subscription sent dress socks, ankle socks, and crew socks every month. The second company sent a mix of colorful and cool mens socks each month as well as ankle socks and crew socks. The third sock subscription sent just funky colorful socks each month and no other type of sock. I loved the variety in this one but ultimately went back to my first choice because the dressy feel matched what I wear most often day-to-day. The other two subscriptions were fun too, but not what I needed at this point in my life.

Finding The Service That’s Right For You

There are a number of sock subscription services out there, but each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here's a quick rundown on some of the most popular options.

- Philosocks delivers socks monthly with no shipping costs to those who live in Canada or the US. This service features men's and women's socks that come in a range of colors and styles including ankle socks, dress socks, crazy color dress socks, cool knee high socks, funky crew socks and fun gift socks for men. They even offer shoe insoles as a bonus!

How Often Should I be Getting New Socks?

The best sock subscription for you really depends on your needs and preferences, but most subscriptions come in three, six, twelve or twenty-four month packages. Some will send out socks every month while others will send them out quarterly or twice a year. The more often you want to get new socks, the higher price tag you'll need to pay. In terms of quality and variety, you're typically going to get more for your money with less frequent sock shipments.

What If I Have Big Feet?

You're in luck! Some sock subscriptions are catered to men with larger feet. I've had a lot of success with Philosockphy. They offer some great socks for big feet. I recommend checking out their fun socks for men, which include fun ankle socks and funky dress socks.

If you're looking for a more affordable option, try Threadsmiths. They offer some really cool crew socks as well as some that are more formal and stylish.

Whatever you decide, happy shopping!

Do They Really Fit Well?

I'm always on the lookout for fun socks to wear with my dress slacks. I've heard great things about Philosockphy and how they send out a new pair every month that fits your personal style. I ordered a six-month subscription, which means that I'll get six pairs of stylish socks. The next day, I got an email from Philosockphy telling me that my first package was on its way and would be arriving in a few days. Excitedly, I waited for it to come in the mail and couldn't believe how quickly it arrived! When my socks finally came, they were indeed fun and cute but not as comfortable as other brands I have worn before.

How Far in Advance Do I Need to Order Socks?

Do you need socks now or can they wait until next month? Some sock subscriptions will ship once a month and some will only send out twice a year. If you're not sure how often you'll want new socks, a monthly subscription might be your best bet.

If you know for sure that you'll want to get new socks every three months, then choosing one of those subscriptions could save you some money in the long run. But if it's more than 12 months before your next major wardrobe change (since when are we buying clothes?), then it may be worth waiting until then to order new socks so they can come at the same time as your other clothes.

What if I Already Have Enough Footwear & No More Room for More Boots and Shoes?

It's often difficult to know what pair to wear on a given day. What if you're going out with friends and want to look your best but don't know which shoes go well with your outfit? This can be remedied by getting yourself a sock subscription! A sock subscription is a service that sends you six pairs of socks every three months! This ensures that you always have a fresh supply so you can mix and match and never have to worry about running out. Plus, they are extremely affordable, making this an easy way to spruce up your wardrobe without spending too much money!

Where Can I Read Reviews About These Products?

sock subscriptions are a great way to get new socks every month! There are lots of sock subscription services out there and some even have customizations for men, women, kids or business. We've written reviews on all the major sock subscriptions so you can compare them side-by-side. Here's what we found:

- Philosocksophy will send you three pairs of fun socks for $12/month with no need to pick specific styles. Reviews say that these socks are really comfortable and come in stylish patterns.

- Darn Tough offers a monthly subscription which sends you one pair of their popular line of merino wool socks worth $20-$25 each month. The company offers a 90 day warranty if your socks wear out or become damaged within those three months.