Philosockphy Sock Of the Month Club - Guaranteed to put a smile on your face every month

Philosockphy sock of the month Club - Guaranteed to put a smile on your face every month

A sock subscription is the gift that keeps on giving, month after month! When someone receives socks as a gift they will be thinking of you each time they wear them! Even if they already have lots of socks in their closet, why not? Socks are one of those things we all need and use regularly, even if it’s just to keep our feet warm when we’re out and about or wearing shoes. Think about how much fun it would be to get multiple pairs of fun and fashionable socks every month!

How Does it Work

Each month, you’ll receive 2-3 pairs of colorful toe socks in your mailbox. You can wear them with sneakers, sandals or just about anything else! Choose from our wide selection of funny and whimsical designs – including socks featuring captivating artwork from great thinkers like Andy Warhol and Ernest Hemingway. We take care of sourcing each pair ourselves; all you have to do is sit back and enjoy some well-deserved pampering. Our Philosockphy team works hard every day to make sure that each sock feels as good as it looks (we know—we wouldn’t settle for anything less). Best of all, when you join our sock club, we guarantee that you’ll get at least 1 laugh out of each pair!

Why We Do It

Let’s start with who we are. We’re three friends who love doing fun things together and making people laugh. That’s all Philosockphy is – it’s simply about having fun and laughing (usually at ourselves). But we also believe there is more value in life than just collecting stuff. Material things will lose their luster sooner or later, but memories last forever. Our monthly sock club gives us an excuse to make people happy, keep some extra cash in our bank accounts, and also give back every month by donating part of our proceeds to charity partners like St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Questions Answered

Before we delve into what makes Philosockphy different, let’s answer two questions: 1) What is a sock of the month club? And 2) Why would anyone want to subscribe to one?. The answer isn’t as obvious as you might think... Read full content here.

How To Get Started

If you love all things socks, what better way to show it than by starting up your own sock-of-the-month club? This is a great hobby business and one that doesn’t take too much time or money to get started. Start by stocking up on socks, both new and gently used. You can buy them from local stores and online retailers—or you can find them at thrift shops, garage sales, and discount stores like Ross or T.J. Maxx for significantly less money. But don’t be afraid of spending more for quality; people tend to notice subpar socks right away.

Philosockphy sock of the month Club FAQ

You've heard it all before: socks are boring. How many pairs do you really need? And do they even make them in colorful, fun patterns anymore? Believe it or not, people still buy new socks, though—even in stores! But online is where you'll find one of our most exciting products—the Philosockphy sock of the month club! Sign up now and receive an epic package at your doorstep each and every month. Our high-quality brand-name socks are unmatched for their comfort and durability; why struggle with dainty little tubes when you can be stepping around in total luxury? What's more, we offer our membership at an unbeatable price! Get started today.

Join Our Team

One of our company’s core values is passion. We believe that nothing else can replace passion when it comes to providing outstanding customer service, and we’re looking for people who can bring some of their own unique vision and personality into each day’s work. When you join our team as an Independent Sales Representative, you will work with style-conscious customers across North America who want more than just high-quality clothing—they want something that reflects their personal sense of fashion. That means we offer big perks beyond earnings potential, including paid health insurance and corporate training courses as well as many opportunities for career growth, travel assistance and industry education.