Philosockphy: Our Sharpest Socks Yet from our Sock of the Month Club

Philosockphy: Our Sharpest Socks Yet from our sock of the month Club

We are proud to present our current sock of the month club members with this month’s featured sock, our Philosockphy collection. These pairs of socks were designed in-house by our team of philosophers who have been testing them on the streets and in parks across the country to ensure they pass their test as well as your own. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

We’re launching a new product

Good news, guys—we just launched a new product called Philosockphy. It's a sock club that's all about adding some fun and excitement to your sock drawer. With this club, you'll get three pairs of socks every month with crazy colors and designs that you'll love! You can choose whether you want dress socks or ankle socks. We’ve got gift options for Dad or Uncle Joe, or gift cards if they’re hard to shop for. These will make great stocking stuffers, too! We hope you enjoy your new Philosockphy socks as much as we enjoyed designing them for you.

How they’re made

We use a variety of blends, fibers, and colors to make sure that we have something for everyone. We love how socks are such a personal item and it's always fun to see what people think when they first open their box! You'll always find that we're not afraid to try new things.

We'll be adding more patterns, colors and designs as time goes on! But for now you can expect about 6-8 pairs each month with an emphasis on brightly colored ankle socks.

Differentiate your brand with niche products

We offer a wide variety of socks for men with fun patterns, comfy cotton and quality construction. No matter your needs, we have something you'll love. Whether you're looking for a great gift or just something to add to your sock drawer - we got you covered! We have socks that will make sure you never go without what you need again. If you're looking for some crazy color dress socks or cool socks for men, Philosockphy has it all! Sign up today and save 10% off your first month!

Join the sock of the month club craze

Our Philosockphy socks are totally not your father's ankle socks. They're a fun, colorful twist on men's dress socks and they're perfect for any occasion! The best part is that they come in a sock subscription service which means you'll never have to worry about running out of fresh pairs. What are you waiting for? Join the sock club craze and get yourself some Philosockphy socks today!

Order Now!

The Philosockphy socks club is a sock subscription for men who need to look sharp and professional but also want to have fun with their sock game. With monthly deliveries of one pair of high quality mens socks, you'll always have something fresh and exciting to wear, no matter what. Plus, they're super comfortable too!

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