Philosockphy: How to Use Your Socks Sensibly


Why does the sock in your drawer always have the hole? Why does the sock you’re about to wear always have an even larger hole? Does this sock even go with that other sock in your hand? These are all questions that we have thought about at one time or another, but perhaps never acted upon. We are not alone—the world has been afflicted by an epidemic of sad and worn-out socks, all of which will never be considered sock of the month material by their fellow socks, and quite frankly, they know it.


Washing your clothes

It's no secret that socks are the hardest thing to wash in your laundry load, but it turns out there's a great trick for getting them clean without having to deal with those darn ladders. All you need is a mesh laundry bag and your washing machine. First, toss all of your socks into the bag and zip it up tight. Then, add them directly into your washer as you would any other clothing item. After they've finished their cycle, take out the mens colorful socks and place them in the dryer on low heat or air-dry them by rolling each pair together and laying them flat. If you want to keep wearing those funky colors while they're still wet, don't worry!


Organizing your closet

Do your socks ever feel like they're taking over your closet? Find inspiration in these five tips for how to organize your socks sensiblesly.
1. Put all the same type of socks together, like dress socks with dress socks and fun sock with fun sock. 2. Keep a small container or bag on your desk or by the door, so you can easily put away dirty or wet socks when they come off your feet. 3. Store all black, brown, and nude color socks together in one bin or drawer that way you don't have to go digging through every color looking for them! 4.


Creative solutions for your shoes

Socks might seem like an innocuous accessory, but they actually serve a number of purposes. They provide warmth and protection for your feet, cushioning when you walk and additional protection from the ground's heat. The type of socks you choose can also affect the quality of your experience in shoes. For example, if you need extra support for your feet or ankles, opt for compression socks with arch support. If you're looking for a more stylish option, our colourful ankle socks are just the thing to bring a little fun into your life! In addition to all that, we offer personalized sock subscriptions so you never have to worry about running out again.