Philosockphy: The sock of the month Club for Discriminating Feet

Perhaps you don’t realize how much the right pair of socks can improve your life and add to your happiness, but you’ll never know until you try it out. The philosophy behind Philosockphy is simple – find the perfect sock for every occasion, so that your feet never feel uncomfortable or under-dressed. Here are just some of the uses for each style in the Philosockphy line

From Neckties to Nikes

The world is full of great things to see, from historic landmarks to picturesque landscapes. And while you may not be able to take in every one at once, you can get a sampling by wearing them on your feet.

The more colorful socks a man has in his sock drawer, the better his life becomes. That's why we're here. Philosockphy is passionate about bringing a little more fun into your life with its monthly sock subscription box. Every month, our team hand-picks the best dress socks and crazy color dress socks from around the world and sends them straight to your doorstep so that you can have a constant rotation of new colors on your feet all year long.

From Stilettos to Safety Boots

In addition to our basic sock subscription, we are launching a new sock club called Stilettos to Safety Boots! We all know that it's important to be prepared for every occasion and this is especially true when it comes to your feet. No one wants their favorite dress socks ruined by an unexpected hike or their cool ankle socks squished in snow boots. That's why we've created the Stilettos to Safety Boots club - so you can be confident knowing you have the right pair of socks on your feet at all times. As part of this new sock service, each month we'll send you two pairs of funky stylish dress socks and two pairs of high-quality thick wool hiking socks.

From Sneakers to Sandals

From Hiking Boots to Birkenstocks

From Toe Warmers to Fingerless Gloves

From ankle socks to Quarter Length Socks